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Dubai College of Tourism launches Autism and Sensory Awareness course

Dubai: A new course called “Autism and Sensory Awareness” has been made available through the Dubai Way training portal by Dubai College of Tourism (DCT), a division of Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism.

The training programme draws on the “Inclusive Service” and “Dubai Way” courses to guarantee that employees who interact with tourists offer the highest calibre of service while they are in Dubai. The programme is being introduced on World autistic Awareness Day in support of Dubai College of Tourism’s mission to establish Dubai as a “certified autism destination.”

Autism friendly destination

Dubai aims to be recognised as an autistic-friendly location through thorough audits from the International Board for Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES). The auditing of many of Dubai’s hotels and attractions’ facilities is currently well under way, and staff members can complete the necessary training on the Dubai Way website.

“At Dubai College of Tourism, we are committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive destination for all travellers to Dubai,” said Essa Bin Hadher, the college’s general manager. We have made a significant advancement in our quest to become a recognised autism location with the introduction of our brand-new “Autism and Sensory Awareness” course. We are ensuring that all tourists to Dubai have a positive and enjoyable experience by providing our workforce that interacts with tourists with the information and resources to better serve visitors with autism. In order to further promote Dubai as an inclusive travel location, we are thrilled to be releasing this course just in time for World Autism Awareness Day.

The course objectives

The autism and sensory awareness training course makes sure that staff members complete a knowledge evaluation, receive an overview of autism, and comprehend autism identification, common needs, autism perspectives, sensory awareness, and fundamental safety procedures. Following that, the course goes into detail about the nuances of travelling while autistic, attraction to water and animals, and particular lessons for each interaction with other travelers, including lodging, sightseeing, and transportation.

The Dubai Airports Sunflower lanyard initiative and the various services for hidden disabilities support the effort to make Dubai a certified autism-friendly location. Passengers with autism can use the family and priority lines at both arrivals and departures by wearing the discrete lanyard. The provision of as much information as feasible to families with autism is a top priority for Dubai organisations. The complete travelling experience can be greatly improved by informing passengers with autism before departure.

Dubai Way is a top-notch training platform with courses for employees in the city’s tourism, hospitality, and other service industries who regularly engage with tourists.

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