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Earthy Living: Designed in UAE, Crafted In India. A Brand That Offers A Diverse Range Of Home And Lifestyle Products.

Saachi Thahryamal launched Earthy Living in December 2023 with a clear and ambitious vision in mind. 

She aimed to merge her deep passion for design with her family’s rich textile heritage, creating a brand that offers a diverse range of home and lifestyle products. 

Each and every item is meticulously handcrafted and hand-printed by highly skilled artisans in India, using only the finest quality fabrics and organic patterns. 

What truly sets Earthy Living apart is Saachi’s unwavering dedication to creating custom blocks for every design, ensuring that each piece radiates a unique charm that resonates with a global audience. 

From textiles to trays, every product is a testament to Saachi’s uncompromising commitment to authenticity and craftsmanship.

Overcoming Startup Challenges:

Despite facing several hurdles at the start, Earthy Living persevered and overcame them. 

The founder, Saachi, took on the responsibility of managing all aspects of the business, from design to marketing and client relations, which were both diverse and demanding. 

Furthermore, coordinating with Indian factories presented logistical challenges. 

However, through perseverance and strategic growth, Saachi gradually expanded the team and streamlined operations, successfully overcoming these obstacles and laying the foundation for sustainable growth and progress.

Inspiration and Vision for the Brand:

Saachi’s journey from fashion retail management to entrepreneurship was born out of her love for design and artisan-made goods. 

With her family’s rich history in the textile industry as her foundation, Saachi created Earthy Living to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of handmade treasures that bring character and warmth to homes worldwide. 

Beyond creating visually stunning products, Saachi has a vision of making Earthy Living a household name, with a global presence in boutique stores and a dedicated team focused on expanding the brand’s offerings and outreach. 

With Earthy Living, Saachi invites you to discover the beauty of handcrafted home decor and become a part of the growing community of people who appreciate quality and design.

Future Prospects and Growth Trajectory:

Saachi is determined to take Earthy Living to new heights with a trajectory of continuous growth and innovation. 

The plan is to expand distribution to boutique stores worldwide and establish the brand as a household name akin to industry giants like Anthropologie. 

To achieve this, Saachi has set her sights on diversifying revenue streams by offering interior design and styling services. 

This will further solidify Earthy Living’s position as a holistic lifestyle brand that caters to every aspect of a customer’s needs. 

The goal is to create a global phenomenon that celebrates artisanal craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Saachi believes in nurturing collaborations and exploring new avenues to make this vision a reality.

Earthy Living is the ultimate destination for those who seek to bring a touch of tradition and contemporary design into their homes. 

Our founder, Saachi Thahryamal, has displayed unwavering resilience, creativity, and authenticity on her entrepreneurial journey. 

Every piece in our curated selection of handcrafted treasures is a testament to her vision and a reflection of our commitment to excellence. 

As we look towards the future, we are driven by a passion for innovation, expansion, and the enduring beauty of our products. 

Come discover the Earthy Living experience today, and elevate your home with our distinctive and timeless pieces.

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