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Eco-Friendly Elegance: Eva Slovsa is Crafting Authentic Artistry with ORION STUDIO

Individual expression and environmental consciousness are quite popular today and people actively seek out things that can deliver both.

ORION STUDIO – an art-based enterprise founded by Eva Slovsa an art entrepreneur – has inventively blended these two concepts to create a beautiful and thriving business venture. This vibrant space is today a destination where you can find all kinds of cozy, illustrated paper goods!

Hailing from the tiny and beautiful country of Slovenia, Eva studied Psychology in Scotland and then came to Abu Dhabi where she now pursues her passion for art.

Eva recounts, “In the year 2021, I took a bold step. Walking away from an uninspiring job, I set forth on an exhilarating adventure of crafting my own business centered around art. Despite my lack of prior experience, I fully embraced the world of drawing, investing a complete year into refining my abilities. As January 2022 arrived, brimming with confidence in my craft, I proudly introduced my personal art-focused website to the world.”

Eva is today a full-time digital artist based in Abu Dhabi and her enterprise ORION STUDIO focuses on producing a captivating range of paper goods, all handcrafted digitally on an iPad, creating everything from sticker sheets and thick vinyl stickers to personalized greeting cards and art prints.

Authentic art customized to deliver delight to customers

In an age of mass-produced goods, the allure of owning something genuinely unique is irresistible. What makes ORION STUDIO so unique is that its true essence lies in the authenticity of the artist. Every design is carefully conceived and drawn by Eva herself. This personal touch infuses each creation with a distinctive flair, making them far more than mere merchandise. Customers are drawn to this business not only for its products but for the experience of possessing items that resonate with their own personal tastes.

Another strong point is that the brand is very eco-friendly as it consciously avoids using plastic and other polluting material while creating and printing art for its customers.

Today ORION STUDIO offers festive greeting cards and cute postcards, enchanting bookmarks, beautiful themed postcards, sticker sheets for bullet journals, planners, or other projects, delightful suncatcher stickers, art prints to add a warm vibe to spaces, and a whole lot more. Also, portraits, wedding invitations, and custom birthday cards can easily be catered to.

The products are 100% handmade, with premium materials, and care for every detail; from illustrating & printing to cutting & shipping.

A fresh start to reach out and offer better creativity to customers…

Eva is based in Abu Dhabi and through the beautiful art that emerges from ORION STUDIO she has taken her business global. However, despite having a worldwide reach, her primary focus remains on establishing a strong presence in the Middle East, particularly the UAE. The enterprise is driven primarily online with a website, and she also occasionally participates in markets to connect with customers, which she announces on her Instagram page.

“While I am currently marketing my art entirely online, I envision having a physical store in the future where my clients can come and interact with me at the shop. This will help me understand them better and customize art for them too.” Says Eva.

Eva has recently taken a strategic business decision where she temporarily closed shop for a few months to facilitate a rebrand and restructuring of her business. Despite the short-term sales hiatus, she strongly believes this strategic move will benefit her business in the long run. During this time, she revamped her Instagram presence, redesigned her website, and also elevated her drawing style to give everything a fresh start.

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