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Eizeasta – UAE’s IoT-based proptech startup offering safety and solving daily life problems

Here’s to Eizeasta, a UAE-based startup that is working on solving daily life pains and offering safety through tech. The company is projecting the launch of their flagship device ‘Ghasmo‘, a gas leak detector with automatic valve shutdown in case of gas leakage. Eizeasta is also recognised by Sharjah government Prevention and Safety Authority and has partnered with them to offer free gas leak inspection campaigns across Sharjah.

Eizeasta – the genesis

It all started with a story, turning the clock back to 2 years, Mahmoud’s family left home in the morning and when they returned afternoon, they turned the light on, and everything went on fire. They soon found that the main gas odometer had a leak due to which the house went on fire. Since that day, Mahmoud and Omar started their hustle to build a device that could help people prevent any dangerous incidents. On similar lines, the co-founder & CEO, Mahmoud explained,
“Since that time we have worked very hard to build a device that makes us really safe, because any false alarm can terrify us to death! We took about two years till we reached a final version of Ghasmo. We never cared for release time, we cared only what are we really going to release. We sketched, built, tested and restarted numerous times that in fact we never counted.”

Key Propositions

Eizeasta is building ‘Ghasmo’, a gas leak/smoke detector alarm that is 20 percent more sensitive, 3 times more accurate, 3 times louder than traditional alarms available in the market. Unlike all other alarms, Ghasmo leverages its ‘ACCUcheck’ technology which depends on a smart processor that analyzes data of the air to make sure there is a real leak before it beeps – thus free from false alarm. The ACCUcheck technology works on data collecting and data analysis basis, whether for the Smoke detector, Carbon monoxide detector or any gas leak detector version of Ghasmo’s gas leak alarm.

Additionally, Ghasmo features an attachment motor that, in the event of a leak, may immediately seal the gas handle. Ghasmo can detect a variety of gases, including propane gas from RV cylinders, natural gas, and cylinder gas.

About Eizeasta’s founders

Mahmoud Ragab, the CEO of Eizeasta has been a part of many business accelerators and training programs including Tiec (Egypt Communication ministry) accelerator program, P&G regional manager 2016 private financial mentorship, and also Y Combinator. He has also been an investor and sales developer in car trading business for 1.5 year – achieving 1.2 million in sales. In 2017, he found his spot among the finalists of AUC Venture Lab, which is the first university-based incubator in Egypt. He filed his first patent in the electronics domain in 2015.
Omar Mohamed, the COO of Eizeasta is progressing to gain a masters degree in engineering. He was also a lecturer in one of the prestigious universities in Egypt, AAST, where he headed site operations for military construction.

Current state & Growth Plans

Eizeasta has recently announced a partnership with Sharjah government Prevention and Safety Authority to conduct free inspection campaigns for buildings across Sharjah, kicking off with 500 homes as a start. The company leveraged the COVID-19 downtime to improve the final production design, tested samples from suppliers, built the first patch of electronic boards and is now projecting the opening of early orders from September.
Eizeasta is also in process to raise seed capital for building manufacturing facilities, hiring resources across functions, and expanding across the UAE and GCC region.

Editor’s Note

The way Eizeasta is using its patented technology, ACCUcheck, is unquestionably state-of-the-art. When services are not readily available, people need pre-installed fixes that could prevent danger and address all small and large safety-related issues. This is where innovative startups like Eizeasta and solutions like Ghasmo come in to save the day. Fire safety is something that constantly needs improvement and innovation.

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