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THREADERIE BY M: Knitting Together a New Era of Fashion with Handcrafted Crochet Products

Sometimes vintage becomes the new modern. This is what the art of Crochet is experiencing. Its made a comeback and how! It’s a new style statement showcased across catwalks and premium stores. A talented crochet artist Manal is riding this wave with her exclusive crochet centered fashion start up – THREADERIE BY M. 

Crochet is a form of hand work chain-stitch embroidery, done with a hook instead of a needle. What is truly remarkable to note here is that true crochet cannot be replicated by a machine. 

Based in the UAE, the enterprise is creating fresh new crochet fashion aesthetics, by knitting together fascinating patterns and adding intricate details that will make your wardrobe and your home look aesthetic.

“I am a self-taught crochet artist and I make handmade crochet products. I offer clothing, accessories, bags, home décor, gift products, etc.” Shares Manal. 

One look at the items on THREADERIE BY M and you will see a star motif shrug, a cool beanie to top off a look, a soft, ocean blue, foot hugging decor rug, elegant leg warmers, crochet tapestries to make the walls come alive, beautiful crochet roses to gift, tight knit crochet bags and intricately woven cute tote bags, cool mesh vests, stylish tops, full length jackets and even crochet book sleeves! The possibilities are endless and these are all wearables and keepsakes that remain relevant all year round! 

A hobby that transformed into an enterprise driven by sheer love for crocheting

Manal has a very clear vision for her business. – She wants to offer really unique products to her customers. As a young entrepreneur who started her business when she was just 19, she really loves crocheting. 

“I love the challenge of making customized products for my customers. The feel of working with the hooked needle and yards of colorful yarn to see something beautiful emerging is the best feeling.” Says Manal.

Having got into crocheting as just a hobby, she soon realized that a lot of the people around her were interested in buying the things she was making. Encouraged by her friends, she finally took the decision to launch her own label. The unwavering support and assistance rendered by her family significantly contributed to the growth and development of her brand.

Currently Manal’s brand presence is online, however a few years down the line Manal hopes to set up a physical store where she can display her creations and take orders in person from customers.

Evolving as a popular destination for nifty crochet items

THREADERIE BY M may be a young startup, but it is already getting noticed by a lot of fashion enthusiasts. 

“I did start off small and I got only a few orders. Later, I used the power of social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok to promote my products. This move changed the game for my brand and soon there was growth in orders.” Shares Manal. 

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