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Al Kout Industrial Projects Company makes profits: Kuwait

The Company has met the international standards of safety and security.

Al Kout Industrial Projects Company, owing to a patrimony for more than four decades in the chemical industries field, is considered one of the pioneer firms in the GCC and other countries on producing chlorine and its derivatives.

Thus, the Company boasts to declare its historic financial position of 2022 as it achieved a record of about 51,115 tons of chlorine gas, compared to 48,596 in 2021. The Company also has made excess profits amounting to KD 9,967,511; which deemed the highest dividend ever in its history.

Moreover, the Company has met the international standards of safety and security; as no injuries are reported during 2022 that lead to downtime.

In this regard, Mr. Faisal Youssef Malallah, CEO, has commended the efforts exerted by the Company’s employees and administrative staff, which have significant impact on the achievements of the Company; since he underlined that it is necessary to preserve and enhance the Company’s achievements in order to generate profits after another and to keep our promise to our shareholders.

He emphasized that the Company’s management and employees are working in progress to proceed and expedite the completion of the remaining planned strategic plans, which will have a great impact on increasing and achieving outstanding dividend for the company by the end of the year and meet the aspirations of shareholders.

Furthermore, the Company continues its leading role in supporting the national economy. It also contributes to increasing the rate of services and industrial materials in the gross domestic production of the State of Kuwait and in the development of industrial exports; as its products have been exported to more than 35 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America, bringing the percentage of foreign sales to more than 40% of the total sales. In addition, the Company pays attention to recruit a large number of the national workforce for encouraging them to work in this important sector. Additionally, the Company cares about increasing the production capacity of its products, so as to meet the increasing demands in the water treatment sector and oil industries locally and internationally, as the Company has fulfilled and upgraded the comprehensive periodic maintenance of the plant (in February 2022), bringing its production capacity to 60,000 tons per year of chlorine, and 70,000 tons per year of caustic soda, in addition to producing hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite, salt, hydrogen, and iron chloride. Significant emphasis is laid on the occupational safety by keening on establish thereof in all its works; since the Company has completed the comprehensive maintenance of the plant without any accidents or injuries. In appreciation of this achievement, the Company’s management extends special thanks to all its staff for their achievements, hoping to move forward to success, progress and development.

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