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Pioneering the Metaverse: Ritika Kothari’s startup Shines Bright in Dubai

In the realm of cutting-edge technology and the metaverse, Ritika Kothari, an accomplished architect, brand strategist, and serial entrepreneur, has emerged as a trailblazer through her dynamic venture, Colab Cloud Meta. Collaborating seamlessly, this tech-forward brand has recently made waves with the successful launch of Luxeverse 2023 in Dubai.

Before Ritika’s foray into the Metaverse and AI, her focus was on producing engaging content like podcasts and web series, featuring insightful discussions on design. However, the lockdown triggered a profound shift, steering Ritika towards immersive solutions. In 2021, she initiated her venture in Mumbai, as a virtual event followed by a grand launch this year in Dubai.

Ritika’s journey into the Metaverse was catalyzed by an encounter with investor Mr. Suresh Jain from Suncapital Advisory. Despite initial hesitancy, Ritika, leveraging her background as an architect, delved into the realms of 3D simulations and related software. This led to the efficient launch of her first NFT gallery in the metaverse at the prestigious Istituto Marangoni within an impressive six months on 9 july 2022.

This pivotal period was marked by fruitful collaborations, culminating in the recent announcement of the launch of PinBoard, Ritika’s Marketing Company. In her own words, “We are modern storytellers, spinning tales from what we hear and see. At Pinboard, we’re not just a marketing agency; we’re your creative collaborators, your strategic partners, and your storytellers.”

LUXEVERSE 2023: A Triumph in the Metaverse

Ritika’s most recent accomplishment is the launch of LUXEVERSE 2023, powered by Colab Cloud Meta at the iconic Museum of the Future. This event served as a testament to her vision and showcased the future of the metaverse through VR-enabled showrooms and hybrid experiences.

The event’s opening keynote by Ritika Kothari, CEO Colab Cloud Meta set the stage for the future of virtual shopping and the integration of digital assets. Industry luminaries like Suresh Jain, Dr. Milan Kothari, Abdullah Lutfi, Indu Varanasi, and Jane Thomason graced the occasion with their insightful keynotes, contributing to the event’s resounding success.

The second part of the event delved deep into the fusion of AI and technology with the worlds of interior design and architecture. A significant highlight was the unveiling of Virtual Showrooms, masterfully crafted by Salim Khoury, the market leader at Vitra Middle East. ICA Group, with their splendid Metaverse Showroom, showcased a captivating collection of Ica Wood Finishes & Atelier Habib for their premium presence. All innovations developed by Colab Cloud Meta alongside their premium gallery housing furniture from Asad Firdosy Designs, Florenstyle, Sanjyt Syngh and art from Abdullah Llutfi, Four Season Ramesh Gallery, Benfft, Cultivate Art and more. This custom design platform allows customers to experience the future with VR-enabled showrooms, where they are not mere spectators but active participants in the brand narrative. Renil Thomas, the Global Business Head at CC Meta, shared their strategic plans to expand into the Asian and KSA markets in the upcoming quarters. Metaverse friendly or just the digital solution, the key is immersive experiences.

The event’s showstopper was the keynote by Firas Alhasin from 4space Design Dubai, offering valuable insights into the potential of generative AI for architects and interior designers. Representing the Indian design community were Sanjyt Syngh and Prashant Chauhan from ZER09, presenting the seamless integration of AI into design.

With over 40 speakers and six enlightening panel discussions, Luxeverse 2023 illuminated complex topics with articulate insights, simplifying them for the eager audience. The resounding success of this year’s event has laid the foundation for Luxeverse to become an annual gathering. Founder and intellectual property creator, Ritika Kothari, has already set her sights on the next event scheduled in India by early 2024.

Colab Cloud Meta is revolutionizing interactive virtual brand and product marketing environments with the introduction of cutting-edge immersive technology hardware, including MetaQuest 3 and Apple Vision Pro. This innovation holds immense potential as a compelling use case for the design industry

Charting a Course for the Future

The success of Luxeverse 2023 has set the stage for future endeavors. Ritika Kothari, the founder and intellectual property creator, is already gearing up for the next event scheduled in India by early 2024. This triumphant launch has positioned Luxeverse to become an annual gathering, shaping the narrative of the ever-evolving metaverse and marking Ritika Kothari as a pioneering force in this transformative landscape.

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