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HEALTHYLICIOUS – Discover a world of flavors where culinary expertise meets nutritional excellence !

When a skilled dietitian collaborates with a talented gourmet chef, the outcome is a culinary venture that not only excites the palate but also provides convenient and cost-effective meal options. Welcome to the world of HEALTHYLICIOUS, established by Cynthia Bou Khalil, offering a clever solution to break away from monotonous daily dining and inject a dash of culinary diversity into even your health-conscious eating.

In her consultations, Cynthia consistently encountered a common challenge. Whether it was families, individuals, or young couples, everyone desired meals that were both delectable and nutritious. The primary issues revolved around time constraints, the impracticality of cooking for just one person, and the financial strain caused by frequent takeout orders. Another glaring problem was the scarcity of truly delicious and healthful meal choices, despite the abundance of available food delivery services.

Cynthia transformed this gap into a thriving business, establishing a meal planning company that provides a range of calorie-conscious and mouth watering dishes that evoke the comfort of homemade cooking. Today, HEALTHYLICIOUS is a brand that remains perfectly attuned to the ever-evolving demands of the market. Whether you’re seeking a wholesome meal, a weight loss or maintenance plan, muscle gain, vegetarian options, or dairy-free alternatives, HEALTHYLICIOUS is committed to continuously pleasing taste buds and promoting healthier living, one meal at a time.

A chef with super skills working with the best cooking technology – the perfect recipe for meal plans that delight and satisfy

HEALTHYLICIOUS boasts a state-of-the-art, 750-square-meter cloud kitchen that holds ISO 22000 and HACCP certifications, and is a valuable asset alongside their talented chef. This kitchen is meticulously organized into seven distinct sections to prevent cross-contamination, equipped with cutting-edge technology and essential tools to ensure top-notch food preparation and service.

The menu at HEALTHYLICIOUS is a rich collection of diverse cuisines, including Lebanese, Mediterranean, Indian, and Asian, all thoughtfully crafted to provide an authentic and delightful culinary experience.

To begin your journey with HEALTHYLICIOUS, it starts with a complimentary dietetic consultation led by Cynthia herself. Following this, you have the flexibility to customize your meal plan according to your lifestyle. You can choose the number of days, weeks, and meals per day that align best with your preferences and requirements. The monthly rotating menu is tailor-made and available on the portal, facilitating your choices in advance.

Choose from Weight Loss Plans – Slimpossible for Women and Men – offering dietitian certified, low calorie, nutrient rich menu, heavenly, yummy plan.  Opt for the Convenience Plan – The Regular for a normal, regular appetizing fare and Intermittent Fasting for Women and Men – for a balanced and sustainable approach to weight management. Indulge in extra calorie intake, protein rich tasteful and appetizing treats with the Pump Up plan.

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Challenges that actually stimulate an appetite for growth

HEALTHYLICIOUS has evolved into a reputable brand that extends its services to customers throughout the UAE via a well-established delivery network. A testament to its impressive growth is the fact that the company, which started as a startup, now efficiently serves approximately 200 clients daily.

Nevertheless, this journey hasn’t been without its fair share of obstacles. Cynthia, who leads HEALTHYLICIOUS, has adeptly navigated the challenge of adhering to standardized recipes and fixed portion sizes in the cloud kitchen model, all while accommodating the delivery schedules of third-party services. In a highly competitive market like Dubai, the company has had to intensify its marketing efforts and consistently provide excellent customer service.

When looking ahead, Cynthia envisions establishing her independent kitchen. This strategic move would grant her the creative freedom to create a broader menu that goes beyond traditional meal plans and explores the market potential of ready-to-eat meals and snacks. With a strong emphasis on adaptability, innovation, and global expansion, the brand is fully prepared to continue its remarkable journey.

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