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Making the art of gifting a beautiful and memorable celebration

The act of giving a personalized gift is a meaningful expression of care and thoughtfulness that leaves a lasting impression, while also creating precious memories for both parties involved. Each personalized gift becomes a symbol of our relating to, understanding and connecting with the recipient.

Sakina, the founder of BASKILICIOUS GIFTS had the same approach when it came to gifting.

“I started BASKILICIOUS GIFTS because I always had the passion and flair of presenting gifts in a special and personalized manner that would receive lots of compliments and appreciation. After encouragement from some family members and friends, I decided to start my own business where I could put my passion into action! Another major factor that drove me to do this was the motivation and business skill set that I received from my father while growing up. That is how BASKILICIOUS was born and the rest, as they say, is history!! “Shares Sakina who was born in Tanzania and raised and educated in Dubai, UAE.

The Festive themed gift baskets are packed with goodies, sweets, tea, dried flowers, and decorations.  Also provided, is a wide collection of gourmet baskets filled with both healthy snacks, creamy chocolates, nuts, dried fruits, sparkling juice, truffles, and other delectable goodies.

Included in our specially curated baskets are gifts for Moms & Dads to be, elegant baskets for Mother’s Day and thoughtfully picked items for Father’s Day, Women’s Day, gifts for Baby showers, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Special Ceremonies, weddings and more! 

All occasion baskets can be customized according to the preference of the client. There is also an entire section devoted to cater to gifting options for corporate clients and big events too.  Apart from gift baskets, there is a collection of smaller gifts which can be paired with custom cakes and fresh flowers for those looking for a quick gift.

Whether these gifts are chosen for a personalized reason or just simply to brighten up someone’s day, BASKILICIOUS GIFTS can work its magic with anything you desire.

BASKILICIOUS GIFTS is proudly ranked 6th in “Top Gift Shops in Dubai”.

There’s a lot happening in the basket of growth

From starting out in 2017, sustaining through the challenging phase of the pandemic and starting out afresh once again with a strong and secure online business model, BASKILICIOUS has seen it all and emerged as a stronger and more visible brand in the gifting segment.

Having started off with serving only Dubai the brand has spread sweetness and happiness all across the UAE. They have thrived along the years, and their impressive roster of clients now includes Saudi, other GCC nations, Tanzania, Pakistan, India, and even far off Canada.

Says Sakina, “Having been blessed to experience success locally and internationally, our future plans now include growing the business further and investing in supporting infrastructure like warehouses and logistics to expand the delivery scope and customer base.”

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