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Royal Golden: Pioneering Quality in Dry Fruits and Spices

Royal Golden was established in 1991 by Parsram Dhirani and has since become a prominent player in the global market for dry fruits and spices. The company, which began as a small trading business in Dubai, is now known for its exceptional quality and reliability in the industry. Over the past three decades, Royal Golden has successfully navigated the ever-changing landscape of international trade, consistently adapting to meet the needs of its customers.

Sourcing Excellence and Global Reach

The wholesale division of Royal Golden is a testament to the company’s unparalleled sourcing capabilities and global presence. They specialize in dry fruits and spices, including black pepper, cardamom, cloves, almonds, and cashews. As a result, the company has solidified its position as one of the largest traders in the world for these commodities. Despite facing challenges posed by globalization and shifting market dynamics, Royal Golden has remained resilient. They leverage their extensive network and expertise to maintain their competitive edge.

However, the changing landscape of international trade poses a primary pain point for the wholesale division. With increasing globalization, traditional trading hubs, like Dubai, are witnessing a decline in their advantage as traders. Direct sourcing from the origin by buyers has become more prevalent, posing a challenge to intermediary traders, such as Royal Golden. Nevertheless, the company continues to adapt and innovate, capitalizing on its established relationships and expertise to navigate these challenges.

Setting Standards for Quality and Customer Satisfaction

In 2018, Royal Golden diversified its portfolio by introducing a retail brand under the name of Mawa, that caters to the B2C segment. The company aims to provide high-quality products directly to consumers and this new venture marks an exciting new chapter in its journey. Despite facing challenges such as steep operational costs and market saturation, particularly in regions like the USA, Royal Golden remains committed to its mission of offering uncompromising quality at competitive prices.

The retail brand’s dedication to quality has propelled it to become a market leader in online sales within its categories. With a strategic focus on both online and offline channels, Royal Golden intends to further strengthen its position in the retail segment over the next five years. By making the most of its extensive sourcing capabilities and maintaining a steadfast commitment to quality, the company aims to expand its market presence and emerge as the undisputed leader in both wholesale and retail segments.


Royal Golden is a leading company in the dry fruits and spices industry, renowned for its commitment to excellence and quality. The company’s wholesale division has a global presence, while its retail brand sets new standards in customer satisfaction. Driven by a legacy of excellence, Royal Golden is poised for continued growth and success in the future. Despite the complexities of international trade and varying consumer preferences, the company remains true to its commitment to delivering the finest products to customers worldwide.

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