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SUNNY BUNNY Inc – Crafting Childhood Dreams with Handmade Soft Toys.

Children can be such a wonderful source of ideas and inspiration. All we got to do is listen and understand what they want. This is exactly what Samal, the mother of two children did, when they wanted toys. Unable to find the type of toys her children really wanted, Samal in a moment of inspiration decided to make the toys herself.

Having learnt the skill of sewing, beading and crafting toys at an early age in school, Samal crafted a delightful, handmade fish, from soft felt fabric. The sheer delight in her children’s eyes was all the validation she needed and this led to her crafting a growing collection of charming felt toys. Samal’s journey took an even more inspiring turn as friends and acquaintances marveled at her creations, earning her handmade toys more sales and acclaim.

Eventually, her creative energy evolved and using generous doses of imagination she shaped the delightful Bunnies, which have since become her token signature.

Samal hopes to create a world where children are creators, not just consumers. She advocates for handmade, safe toys over mass-produced plastics and plans to establish children’s masterclasses and workshops to nurture their skills and confidence in the world of handmade artistry.

Soft toys that are hard to resist – truly one of its kind

Every toy at SUNNY BUNNY Inc. is entirely handmade, which means that no two toys are the same. Making the best use of the fabrics she has on hand, Samal creatively mixes and matches textures to craft unique ideas and outfits for her toys making them the perfect gift for daughters, girlfriends, nieces and moms.

Every single toy is made from fresh, high-quality fabric, with neatly finished seams and has a distinct personality that is quite endearing!

Initially, her focus was on crafting bunnies. With their endearing long floppy ears, charming faces, soft cuddly bodies, and delightful themed dresses, hairstyles, boots, and hats, they quickly became a favorite.

The bunnies take shape from organic, natural fabrics like cotton and linen, guaranteeing both eco-friendliness and safety. Samal’s resourcefulness extends to the utilization of a diverse array of fabrics, often procured from the UAE and her homeland, Kazakhstan. For winter-themed toys, she prefers the coziness of fleece, which provides warmth during the chilly months. When the autumn breeze arrives, the bunnies don corduroy trousers, a snug jersey coat adorned with wooden buttons, and a scarf for that perfect touch. In the summer, it’s all about vibrant dresses with beautiful floral prints.

To complement her creations, Samal hunts for accessories during her travels to various countries. She’s currently broadening her offerings to include handmade dolls. Inspired by her grandmother’s traditional Kazakh Oyu carpet designs, she’s delving into patchwork, opening a new chapter in her collection. This upcoming line will encompass bunnies, dolls, and the enchanting world of patchwork.

Nurturing growth with a passion for creativity and spreading happiness

SUNNY BUNNY Inc predominantly operates as an online platform for its meticulously handcrafted toys. At this point, Samal’s production scale doesn’t necessitate the establishment of a physical brick-and-mortar store. Nevertheless, the market for her handmade toys displays significant promise, drawing in collectors and enthusiasts who deeply value these one-of-a-kind creations.

The brand has cultivated a substantial following, stretching from the UAE, where Samal currently resides, to Kazakhstan, her previous place of residence. In these regions, both clients and friends are captivated by the irresistible charm of her handmade toys.

Samal’s unwavering dedication to her craft is evident, and while SUNNY BUNNY Inc isn’t actively pursuing extensive expansion, she remains fully devoted to her beloved passion. It’s a labor of love, ensuring that her handmade toys consistently bring joy and delight to all who encounter them.

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