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SPARKLEBERRY – Opening a world of opportunities to the artist community

Only an artist can understand the challenges that a fellow artist or a creative person faces when marketing their creations to customers around the world. And when Avanthi Dileka Lelwala a creative person herself, discovered the marketing challenges that existed, she embarked on an innovative entrepreneurial venture, creating SPARKLEBERRY.

Avanthi is a science graduate with an MBA in HR and Marketing. Fueled by a desire to stay connected to her creative side after leaving her job to care for her family, Avanthi started SPARKLEBERRY as a solution to use the free time she now had on hand productively.

SPARKLEBERRY, a project close to her heart, is not just a business but a motivational platform for herself and others. Avanthi recognized the changing landscape of creativity with the influx of artificial and digital products and sought to provide a stage for those unable to open websites or shops. In response to the soaring costs of licensing, Avanthi aimed to create an accessible haven for aspiring artists and creators.

“I see myself in the role of a facilitator, not just a brand that acquires and resells products and I am committed to creating a user-friendly, commercial platform for artists and crafters.” Shared Avanthi.

The platform’s commission-based model, offering free registration, ensures that creators can showcase and sell their products directly. With SPARKLEBERRY, Avanthi has established a thriving global community of creative individuals, providing an open platform for artists to showcase their talents.

A trusted online space for both the seller and the buyer to mutually discover common interests

SPARKLEBERRY offers elements that are handcrafted, hand-painted, and truly one-of-a-kind creations from artists across the world. In this enchanting online gallery, art enthusiasts and buyers alike are invited to explore, indulge, and acquire these unique treasures that breathe life into personal spaces and adorn the body with artistic elegance.

Embark on a virtual voyage where a myriad of paintings and drawings awaits discovery, each telling a unique tale in various captivating themes. For those seeking to elevate their personal spaces, this online haven offers a multitude of paintings available for purchase.

Need to glam up? Dazzle with a diverse array of exquisite jewelry, including necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, bangles, cuffs, and rings – each piece a statement of individuality and style.

For those captivated by the allure of resin, marvel at artistic resin creations alongside functional items like trays, coasters, and cake stands – a perfect blend of aesthetics and utility.

Handcrafted textile marvels, ranging from snug textiles to masterpieces of intricate embroidery art, meticulously crafted wood art creations, handpicked glass art pieces, finely crafted leather accessories, handmade pottery, and ceramic creations, stunning sculptures alongside intricate metal creations – beautiful art is just there for the asking!

Avanthi is also working towards launching an advertising campaign to attract a community of artisans so that more creative individuals find a way to take their work to customers across the world.

Creating a future that will nurture and foster a network of global artistic talent

Avanthi, the visionary founder of SPARKLEBERRY has successfully marketed paintings in homes around the world, from India to South Africa, some even being crafted on request.

SPARKLEBERRY is not confined to the UAE; Avanthi welcomes artists from around the world, to register and display their creations on the platform. Artists can effortlessly upload their products, and when a sale occurs, SPARKLEBERRY manages the logistics, notifying artists to dispatch through their preferred courier service.

Avanthi’s vision for SPARKLEBERRY focuses on preserving traditional arts and crafts and she has set the enterprise on the path of becoming a global hub, fostering an appreciation for handmade craftsmanship globally.

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