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Daughter and Dad Coffee: A Sustainable Oasis of Calm in Dubai’s Desert Palm

For many coffee lovers, a perfectly brewed cup is more than just a drink. It’s a treasured ritual, an intimate social experience, and for some it transcends into a wonderful work of art.

Daughter and Dad Coffee, nestled within the cool precincts of Melia Desert Palm in Dubai, offers coffee aficionados an oasis of calm where they can indulge in their passion for quality coffee paired with delicious vegan comfort food. With a cup of coffee in hand, one can relax, soak in the tranquil atmosphere and appreciate the surrounding beauty.

Co-founders Lia Clarke and her father Justin Clarke created Daughter and Dad Coffee out of their mutual love for coffee plus a desire to create an idyllic space for people to steal a few quiet moments, have a chat, or simply unwind. Their 100% arabica coffee menu features blends and single-origin coffees from the Orbis Coffee Roasting Company, based solely on customer preferences. Their exclusive blend is a mix of Indian Monsoon Malabar and Ugandan African Moon, while single-origin Ethiopian, Colombian and Costa Rican are also available for V60.

In addition to coffee, Daughter and Dad Coffee offers high-quality, plant-based comfort food made with sustainable ingredients. Their homemade vegan bagel burger, jackfruit and basil pesto sandwich, falafel soul bowl and chia cherry french toast are just a few of the tempting options. The café also serves a range of cold-pressed juices and smoothies. Plant-based milk options are of course available for all coffees.

Daughter and Dad Coffee’s location, adjacent to the Desert Palm Equestrian Centre, offers stunning views of acres of verdant open space, providing visitors with a serene and peaceful oasis to enjoy their coffee and food. The café’s sophisticated cool colour scheme, ample seating, and discreetly placed serving counter make it the perfect escape for anyone seeking a peaceful getaway.

At Daughter and Dad Coffee, community and empowerment are important values. The all-female, multicultural team emphasizes female empowerment, and the café holds workshops and support group events in collaboration with other women-owned businesses in Dubai. A warm welcoming vibe has been built around the brand. There are plans to expand, but at the same time there is a priority to keep nurturing the thriving community Daughter and Dad Coffee has created over the years.

In conclusion, Daughter and Dad Coffee offers more than just coffee. It is a space meant for making coffee a beverage that friends and family bond over and with community events, book clubs, workshops etc the endeavour is to keep building on that buzz on and transform the space into a popular hub.

Click here to learn more about Lia and Justin’s story and explore the menu.

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