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Infuse elegance and exuberance into your day-to-day fashion with sustainable, handmade jewelry from Add Some Pearls

If you are fond of jewelry, chances are you have tried on pearls at least once in your lifetime. Pearls are a class apart as they instantly elevate an average attire with their distinct charm and unmatched elegance. Pearls add style, grace and beauty to every outfit and can be worn by anyone on any occasion. No wonder, they are so popular amongst women of diverse age groups.

Launched in January 2021 by Dubai-based expat, mum of two – Yulia Ostashova, Add Some Pearls offers premium handmade jewelry, of superior quality and great finish. The simple, yet classy appearance of pearls has inspired the brand name.

When a hobby becomes one’s life’s calling

What began as a hobby during the pandemic soon turned into a life-long passion. For the last 4-5 years, Yulia has been living in Dubai with her husband and two kids. Embracing motherhood in a new country, far away from family, friends and relatives was not particularly easy. Moreover, she wanted to do something meaningful with her time but could not leave her kids at home. Homegrown business seemed to be the only feasible option. But where to start?

Yulia explains further “As an office goer, I never really had a hobby. After being on a maternity break, I realized something should be done differently to keep my mind engaged without interfering with my mom duties. Finally, I began to learn jewelry making and design. It caught my fancy and I dived deeper into the subject.” After honing her skills for almost a year, Yulia felt she was ready to take the plunge. Thus, an Instagram page was created and that marked the beginning of the startup journey.

“A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls” ~ Coco Chanel

Add Some Pearls provides a wide range of contemporary handmade jewelry falling under four categories – bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings. Here you get trendy and uniquely designed jewelry that use natural stone beads and cultivated freshwater pearls, procured directly from the farm and trusted wholesale companies. Pearls are usually associated with royalty and are perceived to be worn by older women. The brand aims to bust the myth by combining the pristine beauty of pearls with stylish, contemporary designs that resonate with today’s youth. Certain asymmetrical pieces and statement pieces, presented in different colors and designs, stand out for their unique charm.

Here, you will find how seamlessly pearls are combined with chains to offer a perfect everyday look that goes with a variety of outfits. Check out bracelets and earrings made of morganite beads that could be mistaken for spring-colored lollipops. Try adding a long, pearl chain with a pearl choker for a trendy, layered look.

What makes the startup popular among customers is its unwavering commitment to delivering superior-quality jewelry at an affordable price range. As Yulia rightly points out “I really think that you cannot buy cheap pearls and make something nice out of them.”

Future forecast for Add Some Pearls

Yulia’s maiden venture is growing at a steady pace, with customers placing a bulk of orders on its Instagram page. The undaunted mother-of-two is currently planning brand expansion. Offers have poured in from marketplaces, showrooms and also market participation to put these stunning jewelry pieces on display and promote the brand.

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