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The Story Behind PROP OPTIONS UAE’s Sweet Success

In the twists and turns of life, a seemingly random event can spark ideas that transform into remarkable business ventures! It was one such moment, that created the very innovative cake stand enterprise – PROP OPTIONS.

Founded in the UK in 2017, PROP OPTIONS is a family-driven enterprise of Bradley and Emily Young. With a significant stake in the company, Curtis the younger brother of Bradley, today oversees the operations of PROP OPTIONS UAE,  in Dubai.

The idea of creating cake stands took root during a photography session for Brad and Emily’s daughter Mila’s first birthday. Brad was asked to create a custom pedestal cake stand for a cake-smash session. This gained several million views on Facebook, prompting a flood of inquiries which kickstarted Brad’s transition from being a professional carpenter to an entrepreneur specializing in cake props.

The company’s inception in 2017 marked its humble beginnings with wooden cake stands, which Brad made in his garage and Emily finished and sprayed to order. They began selling on platforms like Etsy before broadening their selling platforms to accommodate their many different designs. The introduction of the signature metallic gold square and rectangle cake separators, and a superb selection of acrylic, added to the business momentum.

PROP OPTIONS UAE, today continues to evolve and innovate, positioning itself as a prominent player in the niche market of cake stands and related accessories.

Lavish Wedding Cakes, Stunning Celebration Cakes, Awesome Event Cakes – Whatever the cake PROP OPTIONS Should Be a Part of It.

PROP OPTIONS UAE is more than just a supplier, it is in fact a trusted resource for those seeking creativity and versatility in their presentations. Every product undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure a flawless finish and the brand takes pride in crafting products that are distinct and exclusive in both design and application. Consequently, skilled bakers and cake designers trust the quality and reliability of the variety of stands and separators, which support cakes of all weights.

Explore the exquisite Prop Bundles, featuring Round and Square Metallic Cake Spacers and Stands, designed to elevate your cake creations. Opt. for the sophisticated Geometric Cake Stand in stunning metallic gold or the artistic Floral Crown crafted from premium 5mm acrylic to bring an artistic floral arrangement to any design.

The adjustable 8-tier Macaron tower and the 6-tier Cupcake display stand are ideal for events. Add a touch of glamour with the metallic gold finished birdcage cake separator, ensuring every cake has that extra wow factor. Another pick is the ultra-polished, food-safe clear acrylic cake separators. Versatile and stylish, they give your cake an elegant touch with levitating tiers.

Don’t miss the bestseller – PropSecure® Round Floating Tier Side Bar Cake Separator. Crafted from premium food-safe stainless steel, this cake spacer is designed to create a stunning floating illusion. Place it between two cake tiers, decorate the sidebar, and let your cake do the rest.

Creativity, Collaborations, and Expansion. There is a Delicious Slice of Growth Happening Here.

The Dubai presence of PROP OPTIONS UAE has been marked by a strategic positioning as an innovative partner within the cake-baking industry. It has smartly balanced the challenge of showcasing product concepts and simultaneously creating market penetration.

The ongoing growth challenge that the brand encounters lie in the ever-shifting baking trends, that demand an intimate study and understanding of the cake presentation industry. PROP OPTIONS UAE is committed to originality, professional solutions, and of course impeccable quality.

Prop Option’s UK headquarters has a strong global presence in markets across the UK, UAE, US, and Australia. For PROP OPTIONS UAE, the upcoming five years mark a crucial phase of growth where it aims to replicate the successful blueprint established in the UK on a global scale.

In the future, PROP OPTIONS UAE envisions a collaborative journey with skilled cake artists to design exceptional accessories that redefine baking aesthetics.

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