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Rejuvences: Pioneering Affordable, High-Quality Wellness Products in the UAE

Rejuvences is a rising star in the health and wellness industry, founded by Dr.Mohd Taryam in 2020. Its mission is to provide high-quality, affordable wellness products directly to consumers in the UAE. The company aims to offer reasonably priced alternatives to expensive international brands. This article explores the inspiration behind Rejuvences, the brand’s unique qualities, and its plans.

Rejuvences’ Unique Approach to Supplements and Skincare

Dr.Mohd Taryam noticed that imported wellness products in the UAE were often priced two to four times higher than their original cost. This led him to establish Rejuvences, offering affordable and high-quality products directly to consumers (DTC model).

Rejuvences offers two distinct product lines: dietary supplements and skincare routines. Dr.Taryam was determined to provide vegetarian and vegan formulas for dietary supplements, addressing the issue of animal-derived ingredients in many multivitamins. The company ensures that the supplements contain no pork or beef derivatives, catering to a wider audience with dietary restrictions and ethical considerations.

The development process for Rejuvences’ products is rigorous and transparent. Supplements are manufactured in the USA, tailored to specific needs, and subjected to strict quality checks, including third-party lab tests to ensure they are free from alcohol and banned substances. The skincare line, developed over four years in Korea, features custom formulas designed to meet the highest standards of effectiveness and purity. The skincare line is tested by third party as Derma-Safe, and Non-Irritant, and is close to obtaining a Certificate in Dermatological tested by Dermatologist in Korea.

Challenges and Customer-Centric Development

Dr.Taryam faced significant challenges in finding the right manufacturing partners for Rejuvences. After engaging with 10 to 15 potential manufacturers, he narrowed it down to a few that could meet his stringent quality requirements. This careful selection process ensured that the final products aligned with his vision of affordability and high quality. Registration processes also posed challenges, but once overcome, they paved the way for smoother operations.

Customer engagement is central to Rejuvences’ product development strategy. The company actively seeks feedback through multiple channels, including Instagram, email, and WhatsApp. Surveys sent to customers post-purchase help gather insights on how products can be improved. This feedback loop is crucial for refining existing products and developing new ones that meet the evolving needs of consumers.

Rejuvences’ commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has resulted in positive testimonials and reviews, visible on the company’s website and social media platforms. Customers frequently share their experiences and results, highlighting the effectiveness of the products.

This Skincare routine took Dr.Mohd Taryam 4 years to develop, and launch. His message to all aspiring entrepreneurs is to be consistent, and persistent, and you will achieve your goal.

Looking Ahead: Vision and Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

In the future, Rejuvences aims to expand its skincare range, with plans to launch two new routines in 2024. The company has already successfully shipped products across the GCC, marking a significant step in its growth journey.

For aspiring entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry, Taryam offers valuable advice: balance passion with proficiency. Being passionate about your venture is essential, but equally important is maintaining a professional approach, continuously learning, and refining your products based on feedback. This dual focus ensures that entrepreneurs not only meet but exceed customer expectations, driving long-term success.

Entrepreneurs always seek to offer solutions to their customer’s problems, create a better products and services, with affordable pricing, and serve a lot of people.

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