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CELIACITA BAKERY–Fresh Gluten-Free Bakery Products Inspired by Personal Triumph Over Gluten Intolerance!

Reclaiming one’s health amidst life’s trials can trigger profound shifts, shaping both lifestyle and life purpose.

For Shaima Salah Elshikh the founder of CELIACITA BAKERY the fact that she was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, set her on the path of a challenging yet transformative journey. In the face of a Celiac Disease diagnosis, Shaima’s world turned upside down, forcing her to bid adieu to her favorite bakery delights. But from this challenge emerged a journey of transformation.

Navigating years of health woes and emotional upheaval, Shaima’s ignorance about managing her condition led to a relentless cycle of hospital visits. However, guided by expert dietitians, she embarked on a path of discovery and adaptation.

From deciphering food labels to uncovering a treasure trove of gluten-free ingredients, Shaima’s culinary journey took a remarkable turn. Fueled by her analytical mind, she ventured into gluten-free baking, turning her kitchen into a laboratory of creativity.

The turning point came when Shaima witnessed her diabetic mother’s health soar with the adoption of mindful baking practices. This profound impact led to the start of CELIACITA BAKERY, as Shaima transitioned from an Engineer to a bakery owner, aiming to bring joy to individuals with dietary restrictions while continuing her engineering career for support.

Gluten free bakeries that received the blessings of a mother!

“Oh God, as you fed us, make us the reason for feeding others.”This was the blessing that Shaima’s mother, who was a bit hesitant about Shaima starting her bakery enterprise gave her. Blessed with this encouragement Shaima embarked on her dream bakery journey with CELIACITA BAKERY.

Her path was strewn with challenges, notably the arduous journey of mastering sourdough – 12 attempts to cultivate the perfect leaven and 6 trials to bake the ideal loaf. Through relentless experimentation with diverse flour blends like naturally gluten free flour, beans, and grains, Shaima aimed not only to surpass conventional gluten-free textures but also to infuse each creation with irresistible flavors. Shaima’s unique approach involves using her own flour blend rather than relying on store-bought options. This allows her to significantly enhance the nutritional value while effectively controlling the starch content.

At CELIACITA BAKERY, the temptation never ends. Sink your teeth into the gluten-free sourdough bread, available in 5 tantalizing varieties like Flat Bread, Best Bread, Buckwheat Teff, Buckwheat Rice and Oat Teff, each offering 3 levels of sourness and coming in 3 sizes. The sourdough gluten-free pizza base is stealing hearts as a bestseller, while thesandwich-friendly sourdough bread is a must-try.

But wait, there’s more! Indulge your sweet tooth with the irresistible lineup of treats, from Tahini cookies to vegan brownies, Basbosa to Date Cake. Our Coconut Cake and gluten-free, dairy-free Marble Cake are heavenly delights you won’t want to miss.

And if savory is more your style, we’ve got you covered with a mouthwatering selection of pastries, Focaccia, salted crackers, and soft Baguette. With options this delicious, there’s something for every craving at CELIACITA BAKERY.

And for those looking to spread the joy of gluten-free indulgence, CELIACITA BAKERY offers the perfect solution—delightful treat boxes that make for unforgettable gifts.

Customer delight is the ultimate benchmark of growth

At 41, Shaima embarked on a remarkable journey with the launch of CELIACITA BAKERY in 2021. The initial phase was marked by steady growth, characterized by the challenge of introducing and promoting the gluten-free concept across all her products. Simultaneously, ensuring that the taste and presentation met the high expectations of her customers was given equal importance.

Despite the hurdles, Shaima remained steadfast in her commitment to quality and innovation. With each batch of baked goods, she poured her heart and soul into perfecting recipes and refining techniques. Her dedication began to pay off as word spread about the unique offerings of CELIACITA BAKERY.

However, it wasn’t the growth in sales or the expansion of her business that brought Shaima the greatest satisfaction. Instead, it was the heartfelt reactions of her customers that truly touched her. The joy on their faces, the expressions of gratitude, and the genuine happiness her customers experienced while savoring her creations became the ultimate reward for all her hard work and dedication.

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