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BERRY & CHERRY – Fresh Lebanese fruits and veggies from an enterprise with a 75-year-old legacy  

Imagine a journey back in time, 75 years ago to be precise and watching the humble beginnings of a family-owned business on the lively streets of Lebanon, dealing in the wholesale business of fruits and vegetables. You will be surprised and also delighted to learn, how that commitment to delivering top-notch quality became a cherished tradition. Transforming the four distinct seasons that Lebanon enjoys, they turned the business in a delightful array of flavors. 

Today what started as a small-scale wholesale produce venture way back in the past, has evolved into a heartwarming tale of dedication and tradition – BERRY & CHERRY – where the founder Zeina has proudly opened their first shop in the UAE just a year ago. Stepping through those doors means entering a space steeped in generations of commitment and care. But this isn’t your ordinary produce shop; it’s a commitment to a unique approach. The family has always believed in dealing directly with farms to ensure every piece of fruit and veggie is as fresh as it can be, with no frozen business involved.

Welcome to BERRY & CHERRY where freshness meets tradition in a shop filled with fresh delights.

Bringing the best of Lebanon to the heart of Dubai.

The BERRY & CHERRY commitment to quality is underlined by an expert team in Lebanon diligently handpicking and inspecting each item before it makes its way to Dubai.

It’s a  vibrant array of fruits straight from the lush farms of Lebanon, making their way to Dubai in a burst of freshness. From juicy pomegranates to zesty oranges, crisp apples, and succulent cherries, each piece is a flavorful delight. The harvest also includes the unique sweetness of custard apples and avocados.

But that’s not all – imagine the burst of flavor from the grapes, And there’s more magic with Lebanon’s special green Abou Sora, the tangy kumquats, and the exotic Loquats’, each handpicked to perfection. Don’t forget the fresh Janerik, a treat for the taste buds!

Now, let’s talk premium quality walnuts and dates, the kind that elevates snacking to a whole new level. And when it comes to veggies, we’re talking about a rainbow on your plate. Think plump tomatoes, hearty potatoes, crisp flat beans, crunchy carrots, sweet peas, and the versatile zucchini. Add to that the freshness of spinach, Lebanese Mekte, and a sprinkle of parsley and mint – a veggie lover’s dream come true.

BERRY & CHERRY also offers Lebanese biscuits that are a unique delight not commonly found in Dubai. Additionally, the Lebanese oil and also Arabic bread is imported reflecting a dedication to top-tier choices. Tangy spices and pickles round off a diverse collection. 

In a nutshell, it’s a journey from the bountiful farms of Lebanon to your table in Dubai, promising a feast of flavors and a touch of Lebanese magic in every bite. 

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Freshness and shopping convenience the growth drivers

Zeina envisions to create growth for BERRY & CHERRY with a simple mission – offer a wide variety of items from Lebanon and expand beyond Dubai to other Emirates like Abu Dhabi.

BERRY & CHERRY isn’t just an online store; it’s got a cool physical shop too. Zeina believes in the joy of in-person shopping, making sure the store is not just stocked with goodies but also a nice place to explore. Zeina understands the importance of tasting – after all, it’s not just about saying it’s fresh; she wants customers to taste the goodness.

To spread the word, BERRY & CHERRY started with social media and good old word of mouth. With over 2,000 followers on Instagram and more than 300 regular customers, things are looking up. Now, BERRY & CHERRY is gearing up for a website, aiming to make things even more convenient. The goal is clear – to make BERRY & CHERRY a brand that everyone loves, no matter where they are in the UAE.

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