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REPLIKA – Crafting A Vegan Symphony & Savoring The Melodies Of Plant-Based Delights.

Twelve years ago, Sky Sommers, the founder of REPLIKA armed with an understanding of how food impacts our bodies, adopted a vegan lifestyle to enhance her health. Her Instagram page Veganity showcasing how everyday meals were turned into tasty vegan versions and which also marked her personal journey, quickly became a hit. People started asking Sky to deliver these delicious meals and as the demand grew.

But the story didn’t end there. Sky then opened PBK (Plant-Based Kitchen), trying out burgers and bowls. And then came REPLIKA, where Sky mixed science with art to create unique dishes.

REPLIKA is a special place where food is not just about taste but also about trying new things. 

Plant-based innovation that is rewriting the rules of vegan dining

REPLIKA is not just a restaurant; it’s an artful expression of turning plant-based ingredients into a symphony of flavors that mimic meat, chicken, and fish.

Back in 2016, Sky brought a fresh vibe to plant-based living with the very first vegan meal plan in the GCC. The success of this culinary innovation led to the grand opening of VEGANITY – the world’s largest vegan restaurant in Dubai. This venture led to her almost getting awarded a coveted Michelin Star, till Covid intervened. 

Unruffled by the turn of events however Sky then established a vegan factory to produce delights like vegan chicken. Engaging in various concepts, consultations, and crafting menus for other ventures, Sky soon returned to the restaurant scene with REPLIKA. This is an oasis for those seeking 100% vegan, 100% plant-based, and 100% allergen-free culinary experiences. 

It’s a space where Japanese and French fusion, and a touch of Arabic cuisine converge to redefine the vegan culinary landscape.

Savor the flavors of Texas BBQ Burger, featuring signature “Wagyu” bacon and crispy shallots! Delight in the Garlic Bread Bombs—crunchy yet soft, oozing with garlic butter. Experience the unique taste of Black Sesame Crispy Doughnuts and the spicy kick of Korean Buffalo Chick’n Tacos. Roll into happiness with Chicken Mosakhan Rolls and relish the Juicy Tender Charred Japanese Miso Eggplant!

For a healthier bite, try the Green Protein Salad Bowl with Creamy Chimichurri Dressing or the Miso Kale Salad. Indulge in the Mashawi platter, a delightful mix of High Protein Kebab served with saffron rice and roasted vegetables.

Kickstart your day with the filling Replika Breakfast—Omelette with Sojok, Hash Browns, Hollandaise Sauce, and Brioche Toast.

And, of course, don’t forget to treat your sweet tooth with our delightful Mango Kunaffa Cup!

Bon appétit!

Creating a growth model based on delicious vegan food discoveries and meaningful partnerships

Sky Sommers, with her vegan restaurant REPLIKA, has set the culinary scene ablaze with the brand’s debut in Dubai. She is now gearing up to unveil 5 to 6 new locations in the UAE within the next 6 months. And that’s not all – REPLIKA has its sights set on expanding to Egypt, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia.

Sky envisions growth through collaboration, welcoming partners who share the belief in REPLIKA’s potential. The brand is embracing the franchise model, inviting individuals ready to invest both capital and time into establishing REPLIKA franchises across the UAE.

Navigating the world of vegan concepts presents its own set of challenges. Sky understands that getting people to try vegan food, without revealing its true nature, is an art. The aim is simple – let the flavors do the talking and prove that vegan offerings can be just as delicious and satisfying.

In a surprisingly short span since its launch, REPLIKA has made waves, earning a coveted nomination in TIME OUT DUBAI 2024. This recognition speaks volumes about REPLIKA’s commitment to bringing quality and innovation to the culinary table. 

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