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Delicious Cakes and Crunchy Cookies created by a home baker that are proving too hard to resist…

A labor-intensive enterprise like baking is not an easy business to start and sustain. But when you meet Narjis Fatima the founder of CAKEYY BAKEY, you will realize that all it takes is a strong passion to nurture a home baking enterprise.

Before the pandemic Narjis’s husband had once ordered a birthday cake for her from a home baker. The taste got them hooked and the family started ordering regularly from that particular baker. Unfortunately, the baker left the UAE after a while and soon after that the pandemic set in. To keep herself occupied during the COVID pandemic, Narjis started to seriously contemplate about learning to bake. She started to watch videos on YouTube and also ordered a baking kit from Amazon. Facing challenges in sourcing baking ingredients, she got in touch with her home baker friend and started baking in full earnest.

“Once I had my kit and a genuine source for ingredients, I wanted to be a bit more professional and hence named my enterprise CAKEYY BAKEY.” Says Narjis.

Narjis is a mother of two children, residing in a joint family. While balancing the demands of caring for her family and nurturing her little ones, she remains unwavering in her pursuit of her own dreams. By exemplifying a life filled with passion and determination, she becomes an inspiring figure for those around her. Her ability to seamlessly integrate her responsibilities with her aspirations sends a powerful message: one can indeed achieve their goals while prioritizing their loved ones. Through her actions, she encourages individuals to push past the boundaries that society may impose and to realize their full potential.

The home baking concept that Narjis has got going is virtually a cake lover’s delight today. There is a delicious selection of cakes to choose from. The cakes can be customized not just to mark birthdays or anniversaries, but every occasion like graduation day, national day, friendship day, etc. They can even design the cakes on individual’s personality like a video gamer, a football lover or a BTS fan!

Narjis is constantly keeping up with trends and trying to add more excitement to her creations by creating a mix of new flavors, shapes and finishes. The tiered creamy wedding cakes with laser cut topping, anniversary cakes with flowers, chocolate ganache alphabet cake, extravagant rosette cake, customized sheet cake for festivals, delicate and gorgeous geode cakes in pink, blue or white, lunch box cake, sushi themed cake, super hero themed cake, baby shower cake and more. The mini cake is another specialty that comes from the house of CAKEYY BAKEY and these come all decked up with flowers and delicate flourishes that make it an ideal gift for a romantic date!  

At CAKEYY BAKEY all you do is ask and a cake for all ages and every occasion will gladly be baked with amazing toppings, delightful textures, awesome presentation and yummy melt in the mouth flavors.

Another bestselling delicacy are the very popular kinder and galaxy cookies. Gooey in the center, soft and delicious the cookies sell out faster than they can be baked!  Cookie bundles available in packs of 6, 8 and 12.

What also makes CAKEYY BAKEY a great cake destination is that the prices are so affordable that you cannot help but feel tempted to indulge in more than just one sweet goodies! 

Becoming the bakery of choice for customers

Having served more than 500 customers till date CAKEYY BAKEY now intends to grow its business by investing in branding and advertising. It is focusing on creating goodwill with its current customers so that they too recommend the brand and its products to family and friends. With deliveries across the whole of Emirates and Abu Dhabi the brand is also looking to bolster its online presence.

“I want to now start specializing in themed and customized wedding cakes and be recognized as a home baking expert.” Shares Narjis.

The next business milestone for the brand that Narjis has planned is the opening of a high end self-owned CAKEYY BAKEY studio, which will offer a whole lot of exciting options in terms of flavors, size and customization.

“Having my own cake studio where I can experiment with ingredients and innovate with designs, will truly be like the icing on the cake of my long-standing dream.” Says an excited Narjis.

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