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POST MY GIFT – One stop gifting platform with exceptional
gifting choices, for every occasion and budget and
guaranteed fastest deliveries.

In today’s business landscape, e-commerce stands as a game-changer, reshaping conventional models with newfound flexibility and an expansive global reach.

Cynthia Keldany, the visionary force behind POST MY GIFT, recognized the vast potential of this digital terrain. With a mission statement of “Gifting made Easy” her business venture has smartly harnessed the influential power of the online business model and effectively carved out a trendy and dynamic niche within the world of gifting, redefining how people buy and send thoughtful presents.

In an effort to redefine gifting during lockdowns, POST MY GIFT was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It aspired to offer beyond the usual selections of flowers and pastries. Instead, it aimed to give gifts that would last a lifetime in keeping with the generosity and tenderness that are ingrained in Mediterranean culture.

Cynthia shared, “Typically, there’s no single go-to destination for diverse gift ideas
spanning home, beauty, and personalized gifting. You either shop around or opt for
pricey offerings from established UAE online brands. This sparked my concept of
sourcing unique, high-quality products and creating one shopping destination to fill this

From the simple yet beautiful to the luxurious yet meaningful, the gifting options fits every occasion and every budget

Recognizing the importance of offering an extensive selection to cater to diverse customer preferences, Cynthia has cultivated strong relationships with artisans worldwide. The gifting menu boasts an exquisite array of art and utility items sourced from India, Turkey, Egypt, the United States, Lebanon, France, United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands and many other locales, each carrying its unique traditional essence.

These unique and affordable options offer people a range of choices, aligning with their budgets and the specific occasions they’re celebrating. Whether you’re looking to create a thoughtful gift box or indulging in a more luxurious one, POST MY GIFT empowers you to tailor your gift to

You can choose from the PRE-BUILT GIFT BOXES -perfect for those seeking quick and easy solutions – along with a range of themes, complete with handwritten cards for that personal touch. Alternatively, you can BUILD YOUR OWN GIFT BOX in just three simple steps: choose your products, pick a box style and select a card then add a personalized note, and your gift is ready to be shipped. For individual purchases that don’t require gift packaging, the TREAT YOURSELF option is available with speedy delivery choices.

Beyond this, the brand caters to corporate and private inquiries, crafting bespoke gift ideas tailored to a client’s unique needs.

Explore the extensive range of offerings, including customized gift favors for newborn arrivals and bridal events ( corporate gifting ), luxurious 100% organic cotton Turkish towels, travelers gift boxes, stylish drinkware, elegant table trays, a curated selection of well-being and cookbooks, eye masks, scrunchies, nourishing creams and lotions, exquisite handmade soaps, engaging play puzzles, tea lights, fragrant scented candles, charming ceramic mugs and plates, ceramic incense cone holders, and an array of incense cones. The possibilities are endless—visit the website to unveil even more delightful choices.

Acing the online marketing game to push growth and continue delivering delight

POST MY GIFT, the premier online gift boutique, is swiftly emerging as a trusted brand, revolutionizing the art of gifting. With a meticulously curated selection of products and an impressive four-hour delivery service, the brand has become the ultimate destination for last-minute shoppers within Dubai, UAE. With a clientele base that spans Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, POST MY GIFT also has the logistics answers to cater to international clients too.

POST MY GIFT today boasts an incredible collection of over 400 unique items, thanks to its unwavering dedication to expanding its product line. This ensures that every customer can find the ideal gift while staying within their spending limit. This growth is evidenced by the surge in daily orders, a testament of the brand’s commitment to convenience and quality, is a tribute to this commitment.

As POST MY GIFT enters its third year, it actively seeks opportunities for investment to amplify its market presence. The vision for the future remains rooted in expanding its customer base while upholding its core values and the authenticity of its online-exclusive platform, thereby
delivering a seamless and exceptional gifting experience to all.

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