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iiQUNA – Discover a unique fusion of gold and pearl jewelry
crafted by the imagination of a talented artist

In the midst of the uncertain times of the pandemic, one artist found the courage to embark on a fresh new artistic journey – one that transformed her imaginative sketches into astonishing, handmade jewelry. This journey began with a deep-rooted love for accessories and fashion, and also a very simple question: Why invest in expensive jewelry that lacks  personal touch and intrinsic value?

In response to this question, Nadine Gharzeddine founded iiQUNA and, through her creative sketching, created a line that perfectly encapsulated the essence of uniqueness. Nadine handcrafted a stunning assortment of Earrings, Necklaces, and Rings with great attention to both the quality of the materials used and the precise detailing, working directly with skilled artisans in Lebanon to craft each piece with love.

What sets this collection apart is the harmonious fusion of the timeless allure of gold and the enduring beauty of pearls. Every piece exudes a unique charm, an aura of elegance, and a sense of rarity. The baroque pearls, known for their irregular and captivating shapes, add a touch of natural beauty to the refined brilliance of gold. 

Explore this captivating world where sketches become reality, and handmade jewelry becomes an expression of artistry!

Treat this as your personal invitation to discover a whole new portal of fascinatingly crafted jewelry

“iiQUNA” draws inspiration from the Arabic word ” أيقونة ” symbolizing an icon. The “I” represents the individual, making iiQUNA the ultimate jewelry destination for every woman aspiring to be an icon. It caters to passionate, unique women who exude self-confidence and a distinct sense of style.

iiQUNA is positioned as a premium brand and is available in upscale stores and locales like Boom & Mellow at Springs Souk and Jumeirah Center, Dubai Ether at Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi. This strategic presence aligns perfectly with iiQUNA’s mission to offer premium, distinctive pieces that resonate with women who appreciate the finer aspects of fashion.

Each iiQUNA piece goes beyond the realm of being merely accessories and transforms into a priceless memory. While iiQUNA primarily designs from its own creations, it offers customization options, including personal touches like names or letters, ensuring that every piece holds a special place in the wearer’s heart.

Elevate your elegance with the stunning range of earrings, from subtle studs to eye-catching dangles. Make a statement with necklaces that beautifully complement any outfit. Adorn your wrist with sophistication using the charming bracelet designs. Embrace your individuality with finger rings, featuring minimalist bands to exquisite designs. Add a touch of vintage or modern flair to your attire with our timeless brooches, perfect for personalizing your look.

Currently, Nadine’s main goal is to make iiQUNA a reliable destination where each consumer can rely on finding the best and most distinctive designs.

Growing smartly and expanding strategically with personalized service and gorgeous designs

iiQUNA’s journey of brand awareness began with artfully curated Instagram posts and strategically timed brand boosts. These efforts aimed to introduce the world to iiQUNA’s essence—18K gold, freshwater pearls, and uniquely designed pieces that define its identity. The outcome? A thriving community of returning clients and a wave of admiration that knows no borders, with clients hailing from Oman, KSA, Canada, and even Lebanon.

For iiQUNA, community and personalized service take the spotlight. It’s not uncommon for a woman to experience the delight of a personalized delivery from the brand’s founder, Nadine. With unwavering dedication, Nadine ensures that each piece meets the highest standards, infusing them with a personal touch that leaves customers enchanted.

Looking forward, iiQUNA envisions broadening its horizons. New collections will continue to grace the stage, and the brand may explore the art of crafting pieces with unique stones. The ultimate vision? To see iiQUNA gracing the displays of prestigious stores like Gallery Lafayette, Harvey Nichols, and Bloomingdales, standing proudly among the finest brands.

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