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EEZEE DOODLES – Turning shared passion into a child and family-focused art venture of culture, education and fun.

Eman Al Madani and Zainab Al Mahri, two best friends whose shared passion for art have blossomed into something truly magical and meaningful – EEZEE DOODLES – the manifestation of their shared business aspirations and their entrepreneurial passion.

Before embarking on their EEZEE DOODLES venture, Eman was already deeply immersed in her love for art and henna application. For her, it was not just a hobby but a profound form of self-expression, beautifully manifesting in the intricate world of doodles and hand decoration. Zainab, the other half of this dynamic duo, bought her marketing expertise to the table, complementing Eman’s artistic flair with a strategic approach to business.

Their entrepreneurial journey had its roots in their university days when they first began contemplating the idea of launching a startup. However, it wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic that they found the perfect opportunity to sit down, evaluate their options. One day, while sipping coffee in a café, the spark of inspiration struck. Zainab proposed the concept of crafting play items for children. Embarking on their venture methodically, the duo identified gaps in the market and carefully considered the challenges parents faced, especially in the midst of the pandemic and beyond.

Zainab shared “Our aim was to create products that were not only fun and educational, but also safe and simple for kids to use. Additionally, we wanted to support parents in addressing their worries about how to assist their kids learn new things in an engaging way, focus better, and spend less time on screens.’’

EEZEE DOODLES thus became a platform where families could engage in creative and educational activities together, fostering learning, bonding, and creativity.

Discover a delightful space of safe, sustainable and meaningful play items

EEZEE DOODLES finds its soul in the art of doodling, where co-founder Eman Al-Madani infuses each creation with a personal touch. Both Eman and Zainab also bring their expertise as behavioral modification specialists into the doodle-making process. They utilize graphotherapy to craft doodles that not only ignite creativity but also support child growth.

The collection boasts a delightful array of doodle-covered treasures. From endearing Cute Dinos and alluring Beautiful Mermaids to 3D Rocket Models that make studying planets fun.

But it doesn’t stop there. EEZEE DOODLES’ commitment to culture shines through every design. The 3D traditional Emirati House, the UAE Heritage Coloring Poster, and the Emirati Men and Women in traditional wear are cultural gems. Meanwhile, the 3D doodle model mosque offers an engaging way for children to learn about Islamic culture while having fun and nurturing their creativity.

Eman, one of the co-founders, emphasizes the authenticity of their designs. They are not churned out by distant factories but lovingly crafted right here in the UAE. This ensures that every doodle reflects the region’s cultural richness and heritage.

Recent additions like the UAE Landmarks Board Game and EEZEE DOODLES Coloring Mats, made from recycled paper, have been making waves, adding fresh dimensions to the EEZEE DOODLES experience.

From recyclable paper to cardboard packaging, the brand also ensures its commitment to eco-friendliness is woven into every product.

Continuing to add excitement, convenience and color to growth…

EEZEE DOODLES, reflecting on its journey, has evolved into a brand that customers rely on for exceptional products.

Operating within a versatile business model it seamlessly bridges physical retail and the digital landscape. With established retail partners and a thriving Instagram presence, the imminent website launch promises yet another convenient and value-packed online shopping avenue. While firmly rooted in the UAE with a strong customer base, EEZEE DOODLES is venturing into Oman and Saudi Arabia with trial sales, setting its sights on global expansion.

The strategy? Smart partnerships with logistics companies to expand its reach worldwide.

The EEZEE DOODLES vision also extends to creating a comprehensive art and a community establishment in the future. EEZEE DOODLES ultimate goal is to create a haven that delivers meaningful products and services.

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