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Wall Street – a one stop wall décor platform that will add personality to your home

In the bustling city of Dubai, Siobhan Gillespie, a business development expert with a discerning eye for interior design, found herself facing a challenge. She wanted to enhance her living space through personalized wall frames, but as a new mother, struggled to find the time to visit the multiple service providers to bring her vision to life. Taking matters into her own hands and recognizing a business opportunity, she founded WALL STREET, a comprehensive solution for all wall decoration needs.

Today, the brand offers an all-inclusive service, handling the entire process from printing and framing to hassle-free installation, ensuring that the customer experience is nothing short of perfect.

WALL STREET’s mission is straightforward: to streamline and enhance the process of personal wall decoration. Siobhan’s passion for interior design, photography and craftsmanship inspired her to bridge the gap in the market, a decision she has not regretted.

The brand now focuses on the transformation of living spaces and adding personality to the home. For many of us, since covid, our homes have become our offices, whether they are rented or owned, our home is our sanctuary and where we ourselves and our children spend the most time. Homes should be invested in just as much, if not more, than any other possessions.

Because every little detail matters

From concept to creation, WALL STREET takes care of every facet of your wall decoration needs. Clients can expect a close collaboration with a team that is highly praised for their workmanship and overall professionalism. Siobhan is present at every installation to ensure quality control and to be the bridge between the client and the installation team.

One of their signature recommendations is the Gallery Wall, a simple yet impactful addition that can transfer your entire home with the warmth of cherished moments. Should you choose to have a consultation with WALL STREET, you’ll also get the chance to explore their Print Collection, helping you discover the ideal wall décor that aligns with your unique style and preferences.

At installation, the team carefully check the walls for pipes and wires before completing the work and cleaning up afterwards.

Renting your property? No problem, WALL STREET also offer a service whereby they restore the walls from their previous work and reinstall in your new home.

Exploring different business avenues and planning for growth

One to watch, this startup has already started making waves, especially in the expat community, and the brand has earned a stellar reputation through positive word of mouth. Referrals from satisfied customers have played a pivotal role in driving growth, and whilst the main focus is to continue establishing a strong brand presence in Dubai, looking ahead the vision is to grow the product range and boots on the ground, before expanding the service reach across the UAE.

Currently, there’s a dedicated effort to gain an in-depth understanding of the markets and lay the groundwork for a strategic and organized business expansion.

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