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UNIQUE BY CONI – Handcrafted customized crochet fashion with a touch of elegance & love!

UNIQUE BY CONI isn’t just a brand; it’s the passion, love and commitment of its talented founder Coni, all uniquely knitted together. Hailing from Germany and calling Dubai home for over a decade, Coni initiated this endeavor some time back. After a brief hiatus, she reignited her passion in 2022, pouring her hard-earned savings from her career as a fitness instructor into relaunching her business.

Coni’s crocheting journey began when she was pregnant and started knitting her own jumpers and clothing. This soon became a cherished hobby to be indulged in whenever she had a bit of free time. But the turning point came when Coni was invited to a boat party and she felt she had to wear a crochet top to the party. Spurred by the desire to look unique and elegant, she crocheted a chic top for herself. And that one top led to another and another.

The real push, however, came from a friend who bought one of her crochet tops and insisted that Coni should start her own business. He believed that there was a niche for her beautifully crafted pieces, and he couldn’t have been more right.

Coni too, ever the savvy entrepreneur, noticed a gap in the market, especially in the UAE. Many young people were seeking high-quality crochet fashion that stood out from the run-of-the-mill, offerings found in mainstream stores. Coni was determined to provide an alternative: unique, handmade crochet fashion crafted with care and skill. So, UNIQUE BY CONI was born, redefining crochet fashion in the UAE.

Crochet wear as unique as every customers’ taste in fashion

Within every UNIQUE BY CONI creation, there is an essence of individuality. Customization is what Coni truly excels at and like a true artist she crafts whatever inspires her at the moment.

Steering clear of cheap acrylic or polyester yarns, Coni uses only high-quality materials like cotton or bamboo, adding intrinsic value to the product and justifying its cost. No wonder these handcrafted pieces stand out in stark contrast to the mass-produced, higher priced alternatives.

Explore the UNIQUE BY CONI collection – It includes everything from charming Boho Bags adorned with wooden beads to delightful Japanese Tote Bags, perfect for your everyday needs. Embrace the beauty of summer with crochet fashion, featuring Beach Dresses, adjustable-strap Boho Tank Tops, and Cool Summer Tops. For a touch of uniqueness at the beach, don the Crochet Triangle Bikini and pair it with stylish Beach Cover-ups.

And as Coni says If you Like it? Why not Wear it. And Own it! Check it out here

Crochet not only for profit, but also for a purpose!

For Coni her enterprise UNIQUE BY CONI initially grew with the support of friends and acquaintances. Her closest friends in Dubai offered significant assistance in a wide range of areas, such as web design, photography, business management, and modeling, demonstrating their strong support. They played a crucial role in her endeavors by contributing their expertise and skills. As her business blossomed, she decided to take her craft to local markets, spreading the word and looking to gain more followers on Instagram.

Coni now maintains a steady pace by managing and fulfilling customized orders from customers across the world. In her own words, “I believe in creating items with a focus on quality over quantity as it’s not just about making profits; it’s about crafting pieces that my customers love.”

Coni’s clientele ranges from her home in the UAE to customers all around the world. Her work has been shipped to Germany, the United Kingdom, and even the United States. Coni’s aim is to see UNIQUE BY CONI flourish and, with it, to create opportunities for needy women to join her to craft unique crochet and knitted creations.

“I’m truly passionate about giving my business a purpose beyond crafting. My goal is to allocate a substantial portion of my earnings to support women in need. I’m actively searching for the right organization that aligns with my vision of empowering and assisting women who are facing difficulties.” Shared Coni.

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