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COZY STITCH BY MARCE – A remarkable tale of talent and vision that created a space for amazing hand stitched home decor

A remarkable story unfolded in the year 2020 in the dynamic city of Doha, Qatar – the tale of a brilliant womanpreneur. It tells the story of Marcela Lozano, a gifted seamstress. Marcela, who is originally from Colombia, South America, spent over a decade in Qatar quietly perfecting her sewing abilities. She was a member of an elite sewing circle for five years, where she and her friends perfected their craft.

Then there was 2020, when a global pandemic altered the planet. Marcela found herself juggling household responsibilities and her children’s online schooling. Despite these difficulties, she saw an opportunity.

Fueled by her unwavering passion for sewing, she decided to reach out to a wider market. Marcela launched an Instagram page for her enterprise. Sitting on her comfortable couch one day, Marcela thought, “Sewing and thinking about sewing is so relaxing.” It was in that cozy spot and that comfortable moment that the idea for the name “COZY STITCH BY MARCE” took shape.

Marcela’s beautifully hand-crafted items quickly gained popularity, and her pastime transformed into a thriving business. With an abundance of fabric from previous projects with friends, she wisely opted to invest in tools like rulers and improved fabric cutters to enhance her sewing. Today her venture is licensed under and successfully continues to infuse warmth and elegance into homes.

Hand Stitched elegance that are not just beautiful but also really useful

At COZY STITCH BY MARCE, you’ll find a wide range of beautifully handcrafted home utility elements all made with love by Marcela herself. She sources high-quality fabrics during her annual trips to Colombia. These fabrics are not only visually appealing but also incredibly practical. They’re anti-fluid, which means they’re waterproof, also easy to wash and no need to iron. What sets it apart is its commitment to sustainability. Marcela’s fabric napkins, for example, are not just environmentally friendly; they also promote the reduction of paper towel and tissue waste.

Indulge in a world of enticing offerings: Exquisite Sets of Placemats and Napkins, Elegant Tablecloths that redefine sophistication, Chic Table Runners to adorn your dining space, Cushion Covers that exude timeless beauty, Artful Zipper Pouches for your daily essentials, Smart Key Rings to lift your style, Versatile Multipurpose Baskets to streamline storage, Adorable Goody Bags to brighten any occasion, Trendy Tote Bags for your everyday adventures, and whimsical Pet Bandanas for your furry companions.

But the true bestsellers are: Personalized Cushion Covers, a blend of elegance and utility, featuring pouches for electronic remote-control devices, and Multipurpose Cushion Covers thoughtfully designed for kids, keeping their study materials neat and organized!

Taking the enterprise further one lovely stitch at a time

Despite being a small city, Doha in Qatar has welcomed and embraced COZY STITCH BY MARCE warmly, and now Marcela feels it’s time to take its cozy charm to the neighboring UAE. The idea of expanding to the UAE has been a promising one, staying close to Qatar, yet reaching new places is what is prompting this growth urge.

Many people today are familiar with its creations, thanks to the growing presence on Instagram. What’s heartening is how customers’ needs have evolved. Initially, they used the products to beautify their homes, but now, the brand has become a go-to option for thoughtful gifts too. Customers are reaching out, saying, “I have a friend’s birthday coming up,” or “I need a special gift, and I thought of COZY STITCH.” This shift towards gifting has been a delightful surprise for the brand.

But there’s more to come. COZY STITCH BY MARCE aims to be there for all occasions, whether it’s for kids, friends, or any special moment. The future holds exciting prospects, and the enterprise sees itself continuing to thrive for years to come.

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