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ChaArts – Sustainable and chic home décor and gifting startup that will make every space come to life.

It is never too late to live your dreams is an oft heard adage. But how many truly have the courage to do so and start an enterprise that is a reflection of their creative passion?

Meet Prasadini Deshpande, a remarkable womenpreneur who defied conventions and embarked on an entrepreneurial journey at the age of 50. Her ambition – To curate a thriving gifting and home decor enterprise, ChaArts, which has since evolved into a sought-after destination for discerning customers seeking elegant gifts and sophisticated home decor.

Despite her background in finance, Prasadini seamlessly fused her innate love for art with sustainability, laying the foundation for her entrepreneurial venture.

A big DIY fan Prasadini’s enterprise is rooted in the timeless tradition of gift-giving and that is also how her enterprise was born. Prasadini’s penchant for crafting handmade gifts led her to create a delicate hibiscus flower crafted entirely from paper. This single flower was shared on social media by her daughter and it elicited an overwhelming outpouring of love and admiration.

This response motivated Prasadini to transform her passion into an enterprise, that has since blossomed into a diverse portfolio encompassing over 15 to 20 product categories that are redefining creativity while offering timeless elegance in gifting and home decor.

A testament to the brand and its founder is the recent Indian Women In Dubai forum Award that was awarded to Prasadini in the Home Decor Category.

A delightful gifting portfolio that will make for lasting feel -good memories  

Every single product at ChaArts is meticulously crafted from paper, entirely homemade and handmade. Whether it’s corporate gifting, celebrating birthdays, housewarming occasions, baby showers, or traditional festivals, the diverse product lineup is designed to meet all your requirements, even at a short notice.

“What sets us apart is our commitment to sustainability and durability. We use materials that are not only eco-friendly but also long-lasting. Instead of opting for conventional plastic, we’ve chosen to utilize paper as a medium, infusing our creations with a distinct sense of uniqueness and creativity.” Shared Prasadini.

Our exquisite offerings include hand-painted ‘Table Lamp Shades’ adorned with traditional Madhubani and Warli Art designs, Signature Flower Pots, and thoughtfully curated Festive Hampers. For those seeking a touch of elegance, our Assorted Paper Flowers, Garlands and Baby Shower Hampers are crafted with utmost care.

Embracing the spirit of Indian festivals, we present a vibrant array of Hibiscus Flowers, Garlands, Gajra, Toran, Mala, and Backdrops that add a festive flourish to your celebrations. Explore our collection of beautifully designed Gift Envelopes, stylish Coasters, and artistic Bookmarks.

For corporate gifting that leaves a lasting impression, our sustainable corporate box includes a hand-stitched Diary with traditional designs, Bookmark, Mug, and a Mini Flower Pot—a perfect blend of functionality and eco-consciousness.

Creating home decor innovations to reach new market destinations

Creating home decor that stands out, where every detail is meticulously crafted and innovation is at the forefront, is a remarkable accomplishment. ChaArts, driven by these intrinsic qualities, has not only made a significant impact within the UAE, but has also ventured into international markets reaching the homes of a discerning set of clienteles in the US, Norway, Ireland, India, and London.

What is truly noteworthy is the fact that over the past 2 to 3 years, ChaArts has had the privilege of adorning multiple homes with exquisite handcrafted home decor products, with orders exceeding a remarkable count.

“The trust and loyalty of our esteemed customers, who return to us time and again is what gives us the ultimate feel-good vibe. Their unwavering confidence is the finest testament to our dedication to excellence.” Shares Prasadini.

As ChaArts continues to discover fresh horizons, the brand vision for the next five years is clear – to streamline operations, paving the way for strategic partnerships with renowned brands in the world of home décor and over a period of time become the ultimate destination for beautiful and handcrafted home adornments.

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