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UAE’s VR Beauty Consulting launches Talent Gateway Platform for beauty industry

As of February 2023, VR Beauty Consulting, the most prestigious and well-known beauty consulting company in the UAE, will formally debut its Talent Gateway Platform.

Belgian national and founder Valerie Reynaert has been developing a highly specialized business for the beauty industry in the GCC since the start of the beauty consultancy in 2020. Valerie has been the driving force behind the launch, turnaround, and development of entire beauty businesses across the GCC. She has set up new salons and expanded existing ones, written training programs and manuals, managed operations, and recruited staff.

By launching a Talent Gateway platform tailored to a particular sector, Valerie is proud to carry on her legacy. This is a brand-new initiative that has never been carried out in the area and allows qualified and seasoned members of the beauty industry from all over the world to establish a free profile on the website to highlight their skills and advantages.

Phase one of the Talent Gateway launch will focus on the vital stage of identifying and sourcing an impressive selection of professionals, from technical staff, including stylists, technicians and therapists to operational staff including managers, assistants, and receptionists from all around the world. After that, they will go through a thorough vetting procedure that VRBC will oversee. Phase two will be centered on releasing these profiles to the market after this phase is finished so that salon owners can view them and choose which ones they want to follow for interviews. Prior to being posted on the gateway, Valerie and her trusted team evaluate and approve each profile. Salon owners from across the GCC will have access to a meticulously curated candidate group.

The Talent Gateway platform not only helps salon owners choose their ideal team, which is frequently a difficult and time-consuming process, but also makes sure they have access to the best talent from around the world. In addition to offering a service to salon owners, the cutting-edge tech platform also helps and empowers salon professionals. Since candidates are sourced from all over the world, it gives skilled and talented people who might not have otherwise had the chance to move to the GCC the chance to take advantage of all the great possibilities present.

Valerie is providing the tools to help solve one of the most significant issues encountered by many salons today because she has spent a lot of time in the shoes of salon business owners and is therefore well aware of the many obstacles that must be overcome to operate a successful salon. VR Beauty Consulting also offers an online store where packages are sold that include interview questions, policies and procedures, protocol forms, different checklists, and assistance to once more support and encourage those who face challenges in the beauty industry on a daily basis.

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