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Ostaz partners with Aldar Education

Nearly 35,000 students in the UAE capital will now have access to tutoring services and after-school assistance thanks to a collaboration between Ostaz and Aldar Education. In an effort to assist startup founders with business development opportunities through its network of top corporate and governmental partners in Abu Dhabi, Hub71 established a collaboration between Ostaz and Aldar Education.

Ostaz offers premium tutoring services across a comprehensive range of academic subjects, languages, and preparatory tests, delivered by highly qualified tutors who have been pre-screened, background-checked, and trained to provide consistent results that cater to students’ diverse learning needs and styles.

In accordance with the partnership arrangement, students from the 28 operated and managed schools by Aldar Education will have access to specialized private tutoring services that are geared toward addressing particular academic requirements and learning goals.

Students can access tutoring sessions in any of Aldar Education’s physical sites throughout the UAE, with the choice of both in-person and online tutoring sessions. Additionally, Ostaz will hold tailored practice exams, offer students upskilling and language classes, and help them with their college applications.

According to Audrey Nakad, chief executive officer of Ostaz, “We are pleased to be partnering with Aldar Education to support students in growing and achieving their academic objectives. There are countless opportunities for online tutoring, and by collaborating closely with one of the most well-known education organizations in the area, we are ensuring that education is accessible and that students have the tools they need to thrive.

All schools within Aldar Education support distinctive and varied learning communities with bespoke characteristics, said Andrew Turner, Group Head of Education Technology. Unlocking each student’s distinct skills, talents, and life goals requires providing individualized learning experiences and support systems. We are thrilled about our collaboration with Ostaz because it will allow us to continue supporting our school groups after the regular school day has ended. They will be able to provide a flexible, open, and individualized learning support program that will enhance the excellent teaching and learning that Aldar Education takes great pleasure in. Through special partners like Ostaz and Hub71, we will keep introducing cutting-edge educational services to our parents and students as we grow and develop.

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