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Tote The Sophisticated Look With Classic Crochet Bags By Zeina Handmade

“Our crochet bags are made with love and passion with the purpose of supporting the community, creating jobs and empowering the women” – Zeina.

Crochet Handbags –The Versatile & Evergreen Choice Of All Times

Crochet that only resonated with table mats and coasters is now making a way in utilitarian fashion in all senses. Not only do they look groovy & trendy but are functional too. From holding goods, toting around beach supplies, usage for day or night out, casual look or smart with a dress, and office and casual meets, crochet bags portray obvious chill vibes and can adorn any outfit. Knitted and crochet handbags are functional. These trendy accessories are perfect for adding a touch of style and flair to any occasion. These crochet bags are suitable for all kinds of weather, warm, cold, spring, etc. and can be styled in various ways. They are lightweight and tend to come in playful colours and natural materials like cotton and raffia. Handmade with cotton yarn, and natural dyes used in colours, the safety and eco-friendliness of these products are in sync with modern consumer demand and sentiments. These handmade products offer a unique and personalized touch that cannot be found in commercial brands, allowing individuals to express their individuality and style. By supporting handmade entrepreneurs, you are investing in small businesses and helping to sustain traditional crafting techniques and skills that may be lost in the face of industrialization.

Zeina Handmade – To Perfectly Knit Your Fashion Statement 

Age is just a number and the passion to pursue a dream can come to life at any phase of life. The 64-year-old Lebanese entrepreneur Zeina Richmani is surely an exemplary figure to all the budding and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to venture into some new business.

Zeina’s venture which was launched in the market in July ’22 is an amazing brand that would be loved by all bag lovers, especially the ones who believe in personalized and sustainable fashion. Her crochet bags are all handmade and the designs are tailor-made according to the client’s specifics. The bags are so unique aesthetically that no designs would be similar or duplicate. Their vibrant colours and shapes not only add that zing to your style but also provide a source of income to a large community of elderly women in Lebanon who share a common passion. Another distinctive part of the brand is the quick turnaround time at which the bags are created. Rather than waiting for days & months, a customer can be treated with their choice of crochet bags within a short span of time and that really shows the dexterity and dedication of Zeina.” Zeina Handmade” is a strong move to bring visibility and honour to the country of Lebanon as a source of authentic handmade products. 

Carrying The Family Legacy Forward

Knitting Crochet was always a family-run business for Zeina but giving it a contemporary platform to suit the present style-clad women is how the brand came into existence. From every colour, and design to occasion, their collection has something in store for everyone. 

The brand believes to offer quality products by sourcing the best raw materials that can be sustained according to the Dubai and Lebanon markets. The marketing & sales as well as sourcing of materials are all managed by Zeina’s daughters and they work with many influencers to promote the brand. 

Presently the brand is available through their social media platform and in the near future they aim to have an e-commerce website and expand the distribution to the Middle East. 

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