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“Feel Good Shoes: Stepping Up Your Footwear Game with Style and Support”

Footwear is often viewed as a fashion statement, but its construction can greatly impact our daily lives. Many of us may not realize that our footwear can cause discomfort and pain, especially when standing or walking for extended periods of time, due to inadequate arch support.

Zuzana Berger’s venture, FEEL GOOD SHOES, is addressing this issue and raising awareness about the consequences of flat footedness caused by insufficient arch support.

Zuzana imports directly from PROTETIKA, the largest manufacturer of healthcare accessories and medical footwear in Slovakia.

At the FEEL GOOD SHOES you will get to choose from genuine leather sandals in a range of colors and designs, enhanced by the addition of important medical features. Pick from a wide range of off the rack orthopedic high arch sandals and sandals with arch support and a firm heel counter, or the ever so popular barefoot sneakers which help increase the proprioception.

Some of the bestsellers for toddlers being the ergonomic summer sandals with a gentle arch support and a solid heel counter to just gently stimulate the foot arch or barefoot sneakers with flexible soles and unsupported heel counter. Ideal for toddlers and children since these footwear promote healthy feet development in children.

For women, there is a range of casual off the rack cork orthopedic sandals for every day, or classy black ballerinas, and a few high heels. Elegant genuine leather pumps with softly cushioned innersole and 5 cm heels are hot selling items. The heels collection has a softly padded innersole and an arch support available in a variety attractive designs. Wearing the orthopedic certified cork sandals help women avoid fallen arches. And not just women – a few unisex models go up to EU 44.

Also, children with special needs and even toddlers who would need special high arch support, appreciate the orthopedic collection. As the prices are very competitive, Zuzana can create special discount codes for clinics or podiatrists.

ADVANTGES OF WEARING ARCH SUPPORTING FOOTWEAR – • Reduces Foot Pain • Prevents Injuries • Improves Posture • Increases Stability and Balance • Reduces the Risk of Injuries and Discomfort.

Creating an independent footprint of growth

After having her second child, Zuzana felt the need to embark on a new venture, leading to the establishment of FEEL GOOD SHOES. The brand is now actively present on social media and its products are being sold on AMAZONE.AE, and MUMZWORLD.AE. Over the years, FEEL GOOD SHOES has earned a reputation as a reliable source for orthopedic and regular wear children’s and women’s sandals. Zuzana has realized the need to focus on sales promotion and expanding her footwear collection after running the business for more than four years. However, she intends to maintain her independent brand identity and avoid becoming part of a larger chain of stores. Zuzana is keen on accelerating her sales growth and exploring markets in other countries to generate more revenue.

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