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Discover the beauty of handmade ceramics with Cle Ceramics’ distinctive customized creations!

Pottery is an ancient art, one that has evolved with time while retaining its popularity among today’s generation of art lovers. What makes pottery so fascinating is its stature as a medium of expression, a way of calming your mind and healing your heart. As you start giving shape to the lumps of clay, you inadvertently start living in the moment and enjoying the process of creation. 

Launched in January 2021 by Heba Negm, Cle Ceramics is all about creating magic through beautifully carved ceramic pieces. Each of these pieces depict different facets of artistry and creativity, as they are all enriched with little imperfections and lots of love. Here Heba points out “Each piece created is unique and one of a kind, you’ll be the sole owner of it.” The startup works closely with charitable organizations and NGOs, conducting strategic workshops from time to time. Heba wants to reach out to everyone and spread awareness about the beautiful art form and its potential benefits for our beautiful mind.

When your passion sails you through tough times

They say how you deal with adversities define how your life will turn out to be. Amidst the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic, Heba found solace in pottery. The architect and engineering graduate had always nurtured a soft spot for handcrafted items. Instead of getting bogged down by the challenges posed by Corona, the gutsy entrepreneur began spending hours sitting in her own balcony, practicing finer nuances of pottery. She realized how time flew by when she engaged in activities she loved! This gradual liking for ceramics soon became a life-long passion, and eventually led to the setting up of her maiden startup, Cle Ceramics.

Timeless ceramics that are as unique as you

Cle Ceramics offers a wide range of unique, handmade ceramics, crafted with utmost attention and care. These include handmade mugs, cups, coasters, vases and so much more. The products can be customized to incorporate designs, sizes and writings as per customer requirements. It takes 3 to 4 weeks for customized pieces to be ready but the results are worth the wait!

To popularize this art form and make people fall in love with it, the brand conducts multiple workshops all over UAE. Take a closer look at the technical aspects of ceramic art that includes learning the coil technique, thus helping you build your own masterpiece with proper guidance. Since each piece is handmade and hand-painted, they’re all unique in their minor imperfections and overall appeal.

Currently, the products are available both online and offline. Cle Ceramics has got off to a promising start, serving around 50 customers till date all across Abu Dhabi.  Initially, customers were skeptical about the high price range. However, soon they became aware of the rigorous process of pottery creation and the insane amount of time and effort it takes to create just one piece. Now, with greater awareness and better understanding, customers appreciate the price range and don’t think twice before picking up their favorite ceramic piece.

Shaping up the future

For Heba, the plan is to grow bigger and get better. She wants Cle Ceramics to be more of a creative hub, instead of being just a pottery center. Workshops are definitely a step in the right direction. The determined founder is focused on opening her own store by the end of the year. Thus, begins the journey of the rose and rise of Cle Ceramics. The brand’s mission is to utilize art to assist individuals in need by identifying those with low income or financial limitations and teaching them this skill, which would enable them to generate income. This initiative necessitates the formation of an art-based charitable organization, which is what the brand aims to establish in the near future.

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