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ENJO : Transforming Homes, Empowering Health, and Embracing Sustainability

The pandemic was a trigger to a host of very interesting business opportunities born out of personal experience. The enterprise HALO MIDDLE EAST – the exclusive distributor of ENJO products in the GCC – promoted by the dynamic duo of Tina Foussat and Diane O’Keefe has a similar tale to share.

Shortly after arriving in Dubai Tina’s son,experienced respiratory issues and allergies . Despite medical guidance to identify and eliminate potential triggers, including household chemicals, pinpointing the root cause proved to be a formidable challenge. Amid this challenging period, Tina and Diane, who happen to be neighbours, candidly shared their health concerns. Diane, addressing her health issues related to household chemicals, revealed how she had found relief using ENJO, an Austrian product.

However, when Tina sought to buy ENJO products in Dubai, she realized that they were not available. This sparked an idea – why not make ENJO available in Dubai?  Diane began diligently emailing the distributor and after over a year of discussions the duo were invited to Austria and put through rigorous interview to finally be awarded the exclusive rights to distribute the products in the GCC.  In the meantime, with Diane’s help, Tina, was able to buy the products abroad and begin using the product herself. The impact was transformative; she saw a huge improvement in her sons allergies.

Realizing the opportunity to make ENJO accessible in Dubai, Tina and Diane embarked on this entrepreneurial journey. ENJO in Dubai became more than a business; it became a solution born out of personal experiences, aiming to provide a healthier and safer alternative for clients and their families to work, rest, and play in a safe, clean, and aesthetic environment.

Home and Personal cleaning products that have been tried, tested, and trusted for over 30 years

ENJO products hold the unique distinction of being Dubai Municipality-approved. Every ENJO product is handmade, recyclable, and environmentally friendly.

ENJO liquid cleaning solutions like Dishwashing Liquid, and Lavender Blossom Laundry Liquid are all natural and 100% of the ingredients are on the label unlike other eco brands whereby ingredients under a defined percentage are not required to be listed.  The Marble Paste replaces harsh abrasives and leaves surfaces ultra clean and shiny.

The range of ENJO Gloves, Skincare Sets consisting of Body Glove, Face Gloves, Seamless Face Pads, Eye Pad, Baby Wipe, All Purpose Cleaning Cloth, Duo Kitchen Sponge, Outdoor Sets, Pet Set, etc., consisting of ENJOtex patented fibers, each 100 times smaller than a human hair. These fibers lift, trap, and remove dirt and bacteria. Their microscopic scale enables them to reach deep into the pores of various surfaces, be it wooden or tiled floors, fabrics, or even the skin.

The hardworking mops, window cleaners, and flexi tools, all crafted from recycled plastic, and matched with detachable fiber patches, make it easy to clean windows, walls, cabinets, and more.

ENJO wants everyone to recognize that when it comes to cleaning, there are better alternatives to traditional household chemicals. This alternative prioritizes the well-being of families and the health of the environment. Importantly, it’s also a cost-effective option

Making the sustainability story a clean winner

Commencing operations in 2021, Tina and Diane strategically pooled their capital to secure business licenses and fulfill their maiden order. Leveraging their strengths, Tina looked after back-office management, marketing, and negotiations, while Diane assumed a hands-on role in sales, deliveries, and training.

Working diligently, the entrepreneurial duo crafted an impressive return on investment, while seamlessly converting over 200 residences and more than 20 businesses. Beyond the financial achievements, ENJO’s commitment to environmental sustainability and enhanced well-being for clients, achieved through a reduction in plastic waste and advocacy for sustainable living, has been a source of immense satisfaction.

Brand ENJO, brought to you by HALO Middle East  is firmly rooted in Dubai and is working towards expanding into Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The focus going forward is to capitalize on untapped opportunities in key markets such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The vision also extends to conducting educational initiatives to raise awareness about the environment and the impact of traditional cleaning methods. In sum, the brand is not just growing its footprint but also working towards nurturing a more informed and eco-conscious community.

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