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Resinara’s Floral Odyssey: A Journey from Unexpected Beginnings to Blooming Success

Ever stumbled upon your true calling when life takes unexpected turns? Well, that’s exactly what happened to Racheal Nathaniel, the brilliant mind behind RESINARA—a charming epoxy resin floral jewelry an and home décor venture.

Originally from Mangalore, Karnataka, and raised in the bustling city of Mumbai, India, Racheal’s educational sojourn took her to Kuwait before she found her home in the lively city of Dubai.

Believe it or not, the spark for Racheal’s creative enterprise wasn’t kindled by her, but by her husband, a professional pilot. During the lockdown, he discovered a passion for crafting epoxy resin furniture, a hobby he later put on hold. Noticing the leftover materials, Racheal Nathaniel, driven by curiosity, decided to give epoxy resin a try. Starting with small items like coasters, she soon discovered her knack for crafting exquisite jewelry adorned with delicate flowers.

As the encouraging responses poured in, Racheal decided to transform her passion project into a full-fledged venture – RESINARA. Despite knowing the costs associated with resin art, Racheal Nathaniel took a leap of faith, making a modest investment and kickstarting the business in India at the age of 26.

Today, despite facing inherent challenges, RESINARA is set on a journey that beautifully blends entrepreneurial spirit, resilience, and an unwavering pursuit of artistic excellence.

Delicate floral jewelry that entices you to pick it up and make it your own

Take a closer look and discover the distinct charm in RESINARA creations. It’s not just any jewelry – its completely handmade, floral jewelry designed from the freshest and most unique flowers.

Choose from the elegance of a rose beauty, the charm of mix flowers, delicate mini orchids, tiny squares adorned with tiny green ferns, or the enchanting contrast of tiny white flowers on a dense black hexagon-shaped earring. Dive into the holiday spirit with Bougainville danglers, Chamomile teardrop danglers, and more.

But that’s not all—add a touch of flair with the Hydrangea bracelet, a dainty necklace featuring green leaf zirconium with plum blossoms, a Yellow Aster Daisy bracelet, Blue Mini Rosé necklaces, and an abundance of other captivating jewelry designs.

For those who seek more than just jewelry, pick from a range of Rose Tea-light holders, Floral Trays, Key Holders or a gorgeous little floral lamp. Mark your reading with aesthetic floral bookmarks, or elevate your table setting with unique gold and color-shift coasters, and so much more. Essentially, RESINARA has managed to capture the beauty of nature and make it timeless.

A fresh start to craft a world class destination for resin preserved flowers jewelry

From its humble beginnings in 2020 of just a couple of orders every two weeks, RESINARA has fulfilled a thousand orders. But that was back in India, where customers loved spending on artists and, specifically, handmade products. However, just as RESINARA was gaining momentum in India, in a turn of events Racheal had to relocate to Dubai.

Today, operating from Dubai and shipping only within the UAE, the brand relies on the thriving pop-up market culture. These market events have helped generate significant followers, but the digital landscape presents a unique challenge. Now, building an audience and securing the necessary exposure on social media remains a priority for the brand.

Looking ahead, Racheal eagerly visualizes a future where RESINARA evolves into an established brick and mortar boutique, complete with a proficient team that includes social media managers to enhance online presence, a packing team to streamline order fulfillment, and a dedicated accountant to manage the financial intricacies.

The strategic shift also involves transitioning from a basic e-commerce license to a comprehensive license, facilitating the setting up of a physical store where customers can engage with RESINARA’s creations firsthand, transforming it into a destination where art comes to life in the form of exquisite wearable jewelry.

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