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Radiate With The Splendor & Elegance of Abayas Fashion By Amal Al Mulla 

The UAE has become a hub for fashion and style, attracting designers and entrepreneurs from all over the world. The abaya is a symbol of Western and Islamic fashion in the Gulf region. It is a symbol of religious devoutness, as well as an expression of loyalty to culture.However, there has been a recent evolution in the role of the abaya.From being a traditional clothing item to being considered an essential part of fashion, they are typically the best options that symbolise beauty and elegance. 

Bringing such unique cultural heritage and modern style to the forefront of the fashion industry is an Emirati entrepreneur called Amal Al Mulla. Her brand label “By Amal Al Mulla” is a leading name in the Abaya fashion world that specializes in contemporary designs with a touch of traditional Emirati culture. 

Their stunning abayas exude the finesse of their craftsmanship. Their unique designs make a striking statement, offering confidence and sophistication. The intricate details make it truly special, combining traditional elements with modern touches for an ageless look that is sure to turn heads and makes them suitable for any occasion, whether formal or informal. Offering quality and premium fabric abayas in vibrant hues, their versatile designs allow you to showcase the inner fashionista by wearing them over dresses, skirts or pants. 

Designing The Path To Success- Founder’s Inspirational Journey 

Amal’s testament to her hard work and determination makes her an inspirational female Emirati fashion entrepreneur. 

Her interest in design and fashion started at an early age and her passion grew through the years which prompted her to establish her very own brand. Over time, she gained followers & garnered excellent responses from customers who recognise the brand with its finesse and intricate designs for empowered women. Her business acumen and go-getter attitude led her to success as a promising young designer and entrepreneur 

Apart from establishing her local brand, Amal is known to collaborate with local businesses that boost and uplift the fashion industry in the UAE. She mentions, Before I enter any form of collaboration, I look closely into my potential partner’s vision to ensure that we have the same goals”. The brand has partnered with leading UAE–based jewellers and influencers who share the same directions and objectives .” 

Looking Forward With Glory 

With a strong aspiration and big goals, Amal looks forward to launching her website where she can feature more of her collections. Presently selling online through social media platforms only, the brand envisions having a physical store in place. “I love to see my customers in person, talk to them and get satisfied to see them smile and seal an approval to my abayas.” A few years down the line, the brand wants to be a known player both in the local and international markets. 

There are also other exciting activities that Amal is doing such as launching her occasion collection and launching her signature product line called “Daily Wear By Amal Al Mulla”. She also intends to start a different product line basically in the fragrance range with scents that would be an add-on to her beautiful abaya collection. 

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