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WENDY ABDUL – Fashioning Dreams with Inclusive Elegance and Personalized Couture

WENDY ABDUL, the fashion label established by Wendy Abdul Scott, embodies the fulfillment of a lifelong aspiration that has spanned the vibrant hues of Nigeria to the opulent world of Dubai.

Wendy’s journey into the realm of fashion commenced in Nigeria, where she pursued studies in both industrial design and fashion, fueled by her unwavering passion for fashion design. This fervor drove her to establish WENDY ABDUL, originally known as Wendy House Couture, but Wendy opted to use her own name for a more authentic touch.

With her sewing skills honed in Nigeria, where she crafted outfits for herself, Wendy’s creations garnered numerous admirers who approached her to design their attire. In 2019, Wendy ventured to Dubai, where she noticed a thriving fashion scene but a dearth of African-inspired designs. Wendy recognized an opportunity to introduce her unique style to the market, blending African prints with English designs, and creating distinctive fashion for women.

WENDY ABDUL’s fashion mission is twofold. Firstly, Wendy aspires for her brand to radiate a positive and unmistakable presence, allowing people to confidently identify it as “Wendy Abdul.” Secondly, she places a significant emphasis on comfort, ensuring that her customers experience a high level of comfort while donning her creations.

The Fashion evolution that is inclusive and style that is exclusive

WENDY ABDUL specializes in women’s ready-to-wear fashion, priding itself on its dedication to inclusivity, catering to a wide range of body shapes and sizes, encompassing ages from 18 to 50 or beyond. Additionally, the brand is set to launch a children’s line, with plans underway for the introduction of the Wendy Abdul Luxury line, embodying the brand’s core values of sophistication and elegance.

One of the brand’s distinguishing features is its emphasis on customization. Clients are encouraged to express their specific design preferences, whether it’s an elegant dinner gown, an evening dress, or a casual ensemble, and their desires will be meticulously brought to life.

WENDY ABDUL extends an invitation to enrich your wardrobe with fashion that radiates femininity and elegance. Explore the irresistible charm of best-sellers like the Cathy Set, the fashionable Beach Cover Up, and the carefree appeal of Flowing Vibrant Dresses. Opt for chic Co-ord Shorts and Tops, or make a striking statement with the Two-piece Pant Suit Sets that redefine power dressing. Whether you’re off to the beach or navigating the city, the Resort Wear collection ensures you do it with flair.

Wendy’s creative talents also encompass styling various photoshoots, spanning fashion, birthday celebrations, and creative shoots. She has achieved success in styling photoshoots and video shoots for leading fashion models and influencers. At WENDY ABDUL, it’s undoubtedly a journey through the world of fashion.

From the online space to an atelier fashion consultant – that is the growth trajectory planned

WENDY ABDUL as an E-commerce fashion retailer has seen remarkably swift growth. Dressing up an upmarket global clientele spanning the UAE, Paris, the United States, and the UK, the brand has cultivated a distinct following, with customers frequently recommending it for its unique collections.

Notably, the brand is also expanding to Nigeria. Coinciding with the launch of its hot new collection, it is in the process of partnering with a local boutique to showcase its offerings. 

Having already served over 5,000 customers till date, the brand has ambitious plans to triple its growth over the next five years. It aspires to evolve into a global fashion label that has Emiratis and fashion enthusiasts worldwide, eager to buy into its style statements. It also envisions being featured in prestigious publications like Vogue Arabia.

WENDY ABDUL plans to soon establish a physical retail presence, but with a focus on an atelier style, providing ready-to-wear designs while prioritizing personalized customer interactions. The goal is to create a space for customers to explore the catalog, discuss bespoke designs, and immerse themselves in the brand’s unique fashion vision.

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