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Organic Skincare Delight: Luna Essentials Unveils Nature’s Beauty Secrets 

Organic skincare has caught the fancy of new-age consumers exploring natural and sustainable products in all categories. People today are shifting towards healthier lifestyles as various concerns are rising over synthetic and chemical products. Individuals across the world with any skin type are paying more attention to organic and natural products than chemically made products. Due to this, there is an augmented growth observed in organic personal care products. 

To give that glowing lift to your skin with organically safe products, the Kuwait-based start-up “Luna Essentials” brings the best of quality & pure ingredients in their skincare range. Started by Nourah Alshaban, this brand is a haven for babies, expecting & breastfeeding mommies. Their products are full of vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and fatty acids. From body wash to lip balm, scrubs, face mists & diaper balms to lotions, all their skincare products are made from natural ingredients that moisturize the skin and give it the freshness and radiance it needs. All their products are designed to suit and cater to various skin types. 

Lifting Ideas To A Dewy Reality 

Nourah, a Dental Technician who has served the Ministry of Health for about 12 years started her completely different and new venture in skincare when she was also treading on the journey of motherhood. Her inquisitiveness to research gradually increased as she kept on reading the labels and checking ingredients on all the products she was using during pregnancy and planning to use on her firstborn. The more she researched and learnt, the more she was fascinated to start something of her own. The immense benefits of using her skincare products and the appreciation and further demands from her family and friends made her realize that she could put her knowledge into a business model. 

Not only has Nourah spent considerable time in research but also gained a Diploma in Holistic Herbal Product Making. She has participated in several workshops to learn and understand the elements that could be incorporated for the safety of the buyer. Nourah feels that, unlike other skincare brands that boast about several ingredients that add to the complexity of understanding, she has formulated all her products with simple natural ingredients that can keep a customer well-informed but are still very affective. What makes this brand stand out tremendously is the customization it offers according to the customer’s specific needs.

Talking about the initial challenges, she shares that besides the production part, the real hiccup was managing all the expenses and the sourcing of ingredients as not all of them were readily available in Kuwait. To get the best ingredients from trustworthy sources they had to wait for a while, so all the orders had to be pre-planned accordingly. 

Luna Essentials is run by the founder herself; it is a one-person show. What that means is all the products are handmade in small batches, packaged, labelled, and sent out all by herself. The time and energy that takes is a great deal. On the other hand, the satisfaction of the customers is all worth it for Nourah. 

Being a mother of two now, her time is limited but she always manages to keep products in stock for her customers as this is not just a business for her, but a true passion of hers. 

The Brand’s Momentum & Vision Ahead 

The brand has gained much visibility and appreciation amongst the customers who reach out to them for repeated purchases. Luna Essentials also offers gift boxes and giveaways for special occasions such as baby showers & birthdays.

The brand aims to add more products that would encompass both skin and hair needs. In the future, they aim to open a physical store in Kuwait and produce in larger batches to be readily available across the Middle East market- Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain. 

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