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CLOUD HUG: A Mother’s Love and Creative Passion has Crafted Sustainable Elegance for Little Girls.

Every mother cherishes the joy of dressing up her little one, reliving her own childhood through
the precious moments of selecting the perfect outfits. It’s a heartfelt journey where the love for
one’s child intertwines with a celebration of style and beauty.

Yet, for some visionary mothers, this journey transcends the ordinary. Their passion for design
and their devotion to their daughters led to the creation of something extraordinary – a thriving
enterprise dedicated to offering the very best for the little ones.

CLOUD HUG is one such enterprise – founded by Arya it is today a premium occasion online
portal to discover elegant, sustainable, and organic wear for little girls.

It all began with a simple quest to find the perfect dresses for a little girl. In the pursuit of finding
the ideal outfits for her daughter, Arya stumbled upon something intriguing. Although life had
taken her on a different path, she rediscovered her spark for the design that had always been
there, even from her early childhood, had never waned.

Arya reflects, “My early days of sketching and crafting sowed the seeds of creativity, and
I decided to nurture them. It all began by creating for my child and a small circle of
friends. Their sincere admiration and enthusiasm sparked a profound idea: Why not
transform this passion into a renowned brand?”

It was this convergence of motherhood and creativity that gave birth to CLOUD HUG. It wasn’t
just about making dresses; it was about creating a brand that reflected her vision of fashion,
sustainability, and style.

Premium occasion dresses for little girls that are as warm as
a mother’s hug

At the core of the business is the fact that the brand is creating garments that bring a child
closer to nature with a serenely breathtaking range of sustainable organic wear.

When quizzed about the name CLOUD HUG Arya stated, “At the heart of our brand is the
comfort that our clothes offer, like a soft cloud. We exclusively provide organic and
sustainable clothing, ensuring the safety of our children. It’s akin to a warm and
reassuring mother’s hug.”

From the very first line, LUNA, crafted from 100% organic cotton floral fabric to subsequent
collections like TALIA, a blend of the softest cotton and delicate lace, the playful STELLA dress
with ruffle shorts, and the charming LAUREN Bubble rompers, CLOUD HUG’s journey is one of
elegant palettes and captivating styles. The recently launched collection of handmade linen
dresses showcases the brands’ exceptional craftsmanship and eye-catching design sensibilities
for the age group.

Sustainability is an attitude and it makes children wear really
beautiful and meaningful

CLOUD HUG is all about conscious clothing for children aged six months to seven years. While
the focus has primarily been on girls’ apparel, the brand plans to introduce boys’ products soon.

The core ethos centers on sustainability, with a primary focus on organic materials like linen and
handwoven cotton. These fabrics not only ensure comfort but also align with a deep
commitment to eco-friendliness.

Beyond its organic line, CLOUD HUG has expanded into luxury and special occasion wear.
While remaining committed to sustainability, it’s not just about materials; but also, about
responsible production. CLOUD HUG actively collaborates with local artisans, particularly
women, for intricate hand paintings and embroidery. The Made-to-Order approach for special
occasions isn’t just about reducing excess inventory; it’s a conscious effort to preserve precious
organic fabrics.

They also provide an incredible “Buy Back” option for dresses that have been outgrown. When
customers purchase dresses from their brand, they have the option to return them once they are
outgrown for the child. This initiative motivates customers to exchange their previously owned
clothing for discounts on new ones. The returned dresses are subsequently either refurbished or
repurposed, thus extending the fabric’s lifecycle.

Arya proudly states, “We take pride in our zero-waste policy, where we creatively
transform leftover fabrics into unique embellishments and innovative pieces. At CLOUD
HUG, we’re not just outfitting kids; we’re nurturing a future where fashion and
sustainability go hand in hand.”

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