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Soap Scrub Handmade – Your Skin Paradise For That Perfect Radiant Glow

The beauty and personal care industry has been growing exponentially in the last five years. People are no longer happy with the synthetic soaps advertised on a large scale. They are becoming aware of the compounds used by giant soap manufacturers and the impact they have on their health. Synthetic ingredients such as parabens, petrochemicals, aluminium, and sulphates are often included in the classic soaps available at supermarkets despite the health warnings associated with them.

Soap Scrub Handmade, a Dubai-based soap & scrub manufacturing brand started in 2018 by Olena Lazaryeva offers natural toxic-free soaps in exquisite Colours and designs suitable to different age groups and skin types.

The uniqueness of the brand lies in the finest, toxic-free ingredients it uses. Taking glycerine as the base substance and enhancing the texture and purity using essential oils such as grape seed oil, almond oil, or jojoba oil, their soaps are ideal for both adults and kids. Their ingredients are specially sourced from Ukraine, England, and Germany from trained authentic cosmetic suppliers. Addressing the concerns of sensitive-skinned people with their oatmeal soaps, the brand offers mesmerizing designed soaps in myriad delightful flavors such as strawberry, coffee, vanilla, and many more. Their sugar scrub gently exfoliates the skin to leave a velvety glow & bounce, whereas their handmade bouquet made from real soap is surely worth a buy for all fragrance lovers.

Small Business With Huge Opportunity

Olena Lazaryeva who started with her handmade soap & scrub business shares how small details and intricacies are to be looked into in the whole process of soap making.

Sharing her insights, Olena mentions “For me, soap making has not been merely a business but a passion for creating unique designs, baskets, and hampers of exotic soaps and scrubs. There are a lot of tasks that need specific timing in the process such as layering and soap staining. Making flowers or leavesfrom soap requires too much precision. I also handle all the social media posts & videos, promotions, and new product launch updates. Moving ahead with present trends, fulfilling huge customer orders especially when each single soap creation takes a lot of time is a time-consuming & challenging part. Each soap needs to get to that benchmarked assured quality before taking up another design”.

Being back home in Ukraine on a vacation before, Olena came across many unique soap designs over the Internet that were made from harmless toxic- free chemicals. She also came across a few soap ingredient suppliers in Ukraine making all the soap stuff. Catching up with soap-making videos over YouTube, Olena moved back to Dubai and carried necessary ingredients such as soy-based aroma, and silicone molds.

Having worked in a French company in the skincare department for 10 years, she precisely knew the nitty–gritty of soap making. Starting with soap gift boxes and souvenirs for friends and colleagues, she gradually earned appreciation and encouragement to start her venture.

The brand aims to create a one-stop shop where all the soap-related ingredients, aromas, and packaged products could be sourced conveniently and even soap making process could be taught to the enthusiasts.

Presently the brand caters to the UAE market and in the future aims to expand its geographic reach. It gets tremendous response rates on special occasions like New Year, Baby shower, and Christmas when they get bulk & repeated orders in the UAE market. It envisions building its website and selling on multiple online platforms in the years ahead.

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