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Experience the essence and flavors of home delivered right to your doorstep

When it comes to the cuisine of our homeland, there’s an unmistakable connection that resonates with
us on multiple levels. No matter where we find ourselves in the world, the longing and nostalgia for our
native food become even more profound.

In the UAE, Nivine Daoud, a Lebanese entrepreneur, took her own yearning for familiar food and
essential groceries and transformed it into a convenient one-stop-shop, Pickitt. This unique platform
brings the flavors of home to your doorstep, providing a true “taste of home” experience.

What began as a modest endeavor has evolved into a centralized hub, aptly described as a “smart
compact super store,” catering to all your favorite food and grocery items from back home, as well as
local market necessities. Pickitt understands the needs of its niche customers and boasts a passionate
team dedicated to sourcing high-quality ingredients, vegetables, beverages, groceries, and frozen foods
from Lebanon, Jordan, Italy, Palestine, and the wider GCC region. Air shipments carrying Pickitt’s
products arrive twice a week along with fresh fruit from Lebanon and are available at competitive prices.

About Pickitt, Ms Daoud says: “I know that after returning from a visit to Lebanon, Jordan, or any other
home country, we often bring back food, spices, frozen foods, and other food items. But with Pickitt you
can trust that we always have these items in stock, making your suitcase lighter on your return flight
because our mission is to bring home to your doorstep.”

During the lockdown was when the idea of Pickitt came to mind, recognizing the strong demand for an
Arabic and Middle Eastern e-commerce supermarket. Strategic investments were made for the right
technology to develop and maintain the website and launch an app for increased user convenience as a
fleet of delivery vans was established to serve an increasing number of orders across the UAE.

Moreover, significant capital investments were made in marketing and advertising to promote the
brand, and unsurprisingly, Pickitt has become the top choice for customers seeking rare spices or
indulging in their favorite snacks from back home.

True to its tagline, “Food Traditions & Beyond,” Pickitt offers a wide selection from three main country
categories: “Taste of Lebanon,” “Taste of Jordan,” and “Taste of Italy.” Each category provides an array
of options, including fruits and vegetables, frozen and fresh baked goods, dairy products, frozen foods,
ice creams and sweets, Moune, pantry mixes and ingredients, spices and grains, water, hot and cold

From premium bread and exquisite rift valley dates to crisp apples, juicy oranges, delightful marzipans,
and tempting Mfataa from Lebanon, aromatic and savory Zaatar, convenient falafel ready mix, Karak
Tea, Laban from Jordan, to sauces, vinegar, spaghetti, seasonings, and spices from Italy — Pickitt
ensures a fresh and regular supply of these items and more. What sets Pickitt apart is the comfort it
offers, allowing customers to purchase authentic food and ingredients directly from the source, while
also providing the opportunity to explore and experiment with items from different countries.

Seizing the right opportunities

Pickitt, a brand that emerged from a mere concept in 2021, has made remarkable strides in a short span
of time. By keenly understanding its customers and consistently meeting their demands for nostalgic
food items, Pickitt has fostered a tight-knit community of delighted store fans. While initially catering to
a captive customer base primarily composed of Middle Eastern, Lebanese, and UAE diaspora, the brand
has also captivated Emiratis who eagerly explore the diverse range of food offerings on the platform. As
a result, the well-stocked Pickitt store at Ras Alkhor Industrial Area 3 in Dubai, experiences a steady
increase in foot traffic.

Nivine proudly shares, “Today, we have an impressive and diverse base of almost 7,000 registered
customers, with half of them being loyal returning patrons. I am eagerly looking forward to introducing
and welcoming Western as well as Asian customers to experience food products and groceries from
different countries.”

Pickitt delivers to almost all locations in the UAE and is also venturing into serving the B2B category,
targeting select niche hotels and restaurants. Encouraged by positive interest from prospective investors
in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, the brand is actively exploring franchising opportunities to expand and tap
into consumer markets willing to embrace the concept.

Ms Daoud adds: “Like a well-stocked supermarket, my career journey, enriched by my specialization in
Marketing from the American University of Dubai, has exposed me to a diverse array of entrepreneurs.
Through my experiences in wealth management and private banking, I have gained valuable insights and
strength, fueling my determination to take the leap and establish Pickitt. Just as a supermarket caters to
various needs under one roof, I am excited to bring together my expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to
create a thriving venture that brings joy to everyone’s meals.”

The robust bilingual Arabic and English website, available at, ensures a
seamless browsing and shopping experience. Additionally, you can conveniently download the secure
PICKITT APP from and start placing orders right away.

On social media, check Pickitt here, for a visual tour of your
favorite traditional food and order it straight to your home!

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