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Stitching Dreams, Weaving Joy: MACE & CO’S Odyssey in Redefining Children’s Fashion and Customized Elegance  

In the world of kids’ fashion, there’s a lot to do that matters – fabrics, designs, prices, comfort and making sure the clothes fit just right. But for those who really love creating special outfits for kids, all the challenges make the journey even more rewarding.

When Jade, the previous owner, handed over MACE & CO to Rebecca, she didn’t just pass on a business – she also shared a unique idea. Jade’s idea was to fill a gap in Dubai’s kids’ clothing market, by offering clothes that are not only stylish but also comfortable and adjustable.

Rebecca was excited to take on this mission. She loved kids’ fashion and had that knack for being creative. She realized that many clothing shops in Dubai focused on occasion wear for older kids, leaving little ones out. So, she decided to change that. She also noticed that getting little personalized things like embroidery was not so easy in Dubai.  Another pain point was when a child’s size did not match the standard sizes in stores. With MACE & CO Rebecca is ensuring she finds the best answers to these issues.

Today, MACE & CO still follows that special vision. The brand offers not just stylish but also personalized, customized and well-fitting clothes for kids.

Kids clothing designed to look, feel and perform like clothes for kids

What truly sets MACE & CO apart is its unwavering commitment to viewing the world of children’s clothing through the eyes of a child.

In stark contrast to industry norms, this brand doesn’t clutter its warehouses with pre-made garments. Instead, it thrives on a made-to-order ethos. When a customer places an order, that’s when the team of expert tailors swing into action, fashioning a one-of-a-kind outfit that aligns precisely with the customer’s desires.

“This approach not only ensures the utmost in customization but also aligns perfectly with our commitment to quality and individuality.” Shares Rebecca.

MACE & CO offers tailor-made clothing that spans from the cutest newborns to growing kids of all sizes and ages. The outfits are locally designed, meticulously tailored, and can be beautifully embroidered, making each piece truly bespoke and unique to every child. Whether it’s their name, a number, or a special letter, the brands brings their individuality to life.

The range includes rompers, jumpsuits, dresses, shirts, and shorts, ensuring that every child can enjoy clothing that not only fits perfectly but also reflects their distinct style. And it’s all done right here in Dubai, using locally sourced linens and cottons.

Blueprint of growth for tomorrow – enhancing the kids clothing line and venturing into quality accessories

MACE & CO has strategically positioned itself as an innovator in the UAE’s children’s clothing market, setting the benchmark for quality and offering an enchanting array of apparel choices.

While enjoying a consistent flow of year-round sales, the brand truly flourishes during festive seasons like Christmas and Eid. During these celebratory occasions, MACE & CO unveils its highly anticipated early-bird promotions, granting customers exclusive access to its thoughtfully curated collection well in advance of the festivities.

In the digital arena, particularly on Instagram, MACE & CO has astutely harnessed the potential of social media to nurture a vibrant and engaged community of loyal followers. However, the brand also benefits significantly from the enthusiastic recommendations of satisfied customers who eagerly share their delightful discoveries with friends and family. This ripple effect serves to draw in potential customers, enticing them to explore the brand’s social media profiles and website.

Gazing into the future, MACE & CO is embarking on an exhilarating journey of expansion. With a discerning eye on complementary business avenues such as footwear and accessories, the brand is strategically diversifying its product portfolio while retaining its core strengths of delivering impeccable children’s clothing.

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