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SKUBI FOOD – Delivering the best produce from Europe’s heartland

For an entrepreneur belonging to a country like Poland, starting a global business between Europe and Central and Eastern Asia, and more specifically operating from a place like Dubai is always a challenge.

Entrepreneur Lukas Skubiszewski started SKUBI FOOD in Poland . Gradually, after careful planning, SKUBI FOOD came into being in Dubai and the enterprise secured its first trade license there, marking a significant milestone. He chose Dubai as the Head Office location. Poland and Dubai branches are sister companies.

The expansion into Dubai was fueled by Lukas’s vision to explore and serve the local market, despite the challenges. The name SKUBI is derived from Lukas’s surname, and SKUBI FOOD became the first European wholesale company specializing in fresh produce, notably apples, alongside various fruits and vegetables imported from Europe. Its operations are funded entirely by private European capital and driven by a European owner deeply integrated into the local Dubai market. With its primary office strategically located in Jebel Ali and a well-placed cold storage facility in the Alavir market, the company seamlessly aligns itself with its local UAE counterparts.

“Exporting and importing the very best and freshest of fruit and vegetables is not only a job for us but also a passion.” States Lucas.

A well-managed, streamlined business that serves as the company’s backbone.

When it comes to apple production, Poland ranks in the top five in the world, competing directly with big powers such as China and the United States. SKUBI FOOD, on the other hand, differentiates itself not only by volume but also by the extraordinary quality of its European fruits, which are famous for their superior taste and quality.

In the inaugural year, SKUBI FOOD achieved a remarkable feat by importing more than 1,000,000 mln kg of apples into Dubai. Notably, a significant portion of this apple stock was destined for re-export to various Middle Eastern countries.

Beyond apples, the enterprise also imported strawberries and blueberries, both delicate and highly sought-after products sourced directly from Poland. What sets SKUBI FOOD apart is the exceptional efficiency in handling perishable goods. The streamlined processes allow it to transport strawberries from the cold storage facilities in Poland to Dubai’s cold storage within a mere four days.

Crucially, the partnership with Emirates Sky Cargo has played a pivotal role in enabling this seamless operation. Their extensive network links Warsaw Airport in Poland directly to Dubai Airport, ensuring swift and secure transit for precious cargo. This strategic collaboration continues to be a driving force behind the successful import operations, reinforcing its commitment to delivering excellence in the domain of fresh produce logistics.

“We have set up our own supply chain and quality control at every stage from packing freshly picked fruit or vegetables to delivering to our warehouse in Dubai.” Shared Lukas.

In the right place at the right time and setting the right pace for growth

SKUBI FOOD, under the guidance of founder Lukas Skubiszewski, primarily operates within the wholesale sector, specializing in the sale of full containers or full pallets. Presently, the company serves approximately 40 to 50 valued customers in Dubai’s thriving market.

While initially focusing on the import of apples upon entering the Dubai market, the dynamic environment of Dubai, coupled with its remarkable logistics infrastructure, has broadened the company’s horizons considerably. The strategic location of Dubai, as exemplified by DP World and the government’s commitment to facilitating logistics, has ignited a fresh vision for SKUBI FOOD.

With a newfound outlook, SKUBI FOOD aspires to embark on an exciting journey of exports from Dubai in the coming two to three years, diversifying into various products, such as fish and shrimp from local farms, particularly those situated in Jebel Ali. The potential to export is also good.

Lukas Skubiszewski holds a firm belief that Dubai will emerge as a frontrunner in the transportation of goods like vegetables, including onions from India and garlic from China to Europe. The impending construction of rail stations in Dubai and Saudi Arabia fuels his optimism. These developments are poised to facilitate rapid exports to Europe through the GCC countries, positioning SKUBI FOOD favorably on the global stage.

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