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LA PLUME: Elevating the Art of Handcrafted Candles with Unique Designs and Alluring Scents

Handcrafted candles have become a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of warmth and sophistication to their living spaces. With their alluring fragrances and unique designs, they have become a go-to item for many who seek to create an ambiance of comfort and tranquility. And among the many brands out there, LA PLUME, a UAE based venture founded by Shahd Risha, has made a name for itself by offering a range of exquisite candles that are not only beautifully crafted but also infused with enticing scents that transport you to another world. What started as a simple passion project has quickly grown into a thriving business, thanks to Shahd’s artistic imagination, exceptional design skills, and commitment to quality.

A business started in June 2022 has rapidly grown to attract clients thanks to the amazing shapes, the ambrosial fragrances, the flawless finishing, and the classy presentation.

“I am a self-taught entrepreneur. Every candle I make is totally handmade from organic bee wax. The scents I use are French and I even create and market exclusive candle molds,” shares an enthusiastic Shahd.

A Sensory Upgrade to Your Living Space

At LA PLUME the candle is given an imaginative and sensory upgrade. Their mission is to promote self-love, intentionality, and wellness.

I believe in doing all the things that bring joy and happiness to one’s well-being. I love how our candles enhances aromatherapy, meditation sessions, and overall relaxation.” Shahd told The Arabian Press.

The product portfolio is a collection of fascinating handcrafted candles. Some for personal use, some for exclusive gifting, some for making a festival more meaningful and some for adding that special touch to an occasion. There is a candle for every situation and every space.

What started out with a simple glass candle infused with essential oils has evolved to include a whole lot more of excitement and trendy vibe. Check out these fast selling items – the Moon Phase Candle, Empress Candle, Couple Candle, Birthday Cake Candle, Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla Candles, Scented Black Candle Collection and many more. Taking creativity to the next level are the Cute Yarn Ball Candles and the Tea Cup Candle with 2 life like macaron wax melts. Another stunner is the mermaid candle made from sea shells and clear quartz crystals infused with the sweet aroma of fresh fruits and sea breeze. The Hidden Message Candle is just so full of heart melting surprises. Cute Wax Melts are available too.

Customizing candles to match home or commercial space décor is also a value added service offered by LA PLUME.

An electric engineer blessed with great artistic imagination and exceptional design skills…

Shahd is a qualified electric engineer, but always had the flame of entrepreneurship burning bright within her. One day she decided to do something on her own. A “candle making at home” feed on TIKTOK caught her attention and somewhere she felt drawn towards it. The rest as they say is a story of business inspiration and artistic inclination! Along with working as an electric engineer, she also launched her brand LA PLUME.

The scent of growth

After spending a fair amount of time in the market, LA PLUME has built up a reputation of being a chosen space for customers to buy a whole range of scented candles. What she values the most is customer satisfaction and loyalty because that’s the key to a steady business growth.
“My orders come from my online portal and what I value most is that I keep getting repeat orders from my customers,” shares Shahd.

The brand now plans to move towards opening her physical store and also expanding the product range by including self-care products that align to the core concept of the brand i.e. comfort and peace. Very soon worldwide shipping option will be possible enabling the beauty of the products to reach far and wide.

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