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Dubai developer Sobha Realty appoints Ravi Menon as co-chairman

Ravi Menon has been named the co-chairman of Sobha Realty, the Dubai-based developer announced on Wednesday. In his new role, Menon will assist his father, PNC Menon, in overseeing business operations within the Sobha group of enterprises. After working for Sobha India for 20 years, Menon will take the helm of Sobha Realty in Dubai with the intention of advancing the organization’s ongoing developments.

In June 2004, Ravi Menon, a Purdue University graduate in civil engineering, joined Sobha India as director. Later, in January 2006 and 2012, he was appointed vice chairman and chairman of Sobha India. The business was able to diversify its product lines and broaden its horizons thanks to his vision and determination throughout that time, the developer said in a statement. “He has been in the leadership team of Sobha India for nearly 20 years.” The firm has improved its reputation for on-time delivery and meeting high worldwide quality standards under his supervision.

It gives me great pleasure to be appointed as the Co-Chairman of Sobha Realty amid this new period of development, said Menon, adding that Dubai is poised for considerable expansion in the real estate market. “The Dubai real estate market is proving to be a major draw for investors from all over the world, and we are confident that we can continue to transform the sector by setting higher benchmarks in the premium real estate segment,” the statement reads.

In an era of exponential real estate expansion, he continued, “I am devoted to improving the company’s growth trajectory and will be committed to keeping the essential principles of Sobha Realty.

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