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Unlocking the Power of Mindful Giving with The GFT Box: A Health Coach’s Guide to Elevating Your Gifting Game

Holistic health gifting is becoming increasingly popular as more people are recognizing the importance of taking care of their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The practice of holistic health involves addressing all aspects of an individual’s health to achieve optimal balance and well-being. Gifting products that promote holistic health can be a thoughtful and meaningful way to show someone you care about their well-being. By choosing holistic health gifts, we can encourage our loved ones to prioritize their health and well-being, promoting a happier, healthier life.

THE GFT BOX is a UAE based gifting enterprise founded by Aneta Nascimento, a certified health coach. Having personally experienced the challenges of sourcing thoughtful and meaningful gifts, on 14 January 2023 Aneta officially launched THE GFT BOX. It is an extension of her wellness consultant role and an genuine effort to promote health for all.  

THE GFT BOX is a source for thoughtfully curated, health centric products not available in any mainstream store. “We are a complete holistic health gift destination. I personally select each and every product and the boxes I create nurture and heal the body, mind and soul.” Shares Aneta.

All the products are sourced locally and the intrinsic value the gifting choices offer soothe the senses, calm the mind and energize the body. The online portal encourages visitors to choose from ready to ship boxes and even offers them the option of choosing what they would like to gift.

For Him and Her – Exquisite Body Care Boxes filled with skin loving moisturizers, relaxing bathing salts, gentle yet effective face serums, massage tool kit and organic face towels. Enchanting Baby Shower Box with 100% Cotton Cellular Baby Blanket and gorgeous knick-knacks. A Yoga Kit Box with an Anti-slip Yoga Towel, Stretch Band and a Crystal Infusion Water Bottle with Rose Quartz to get you stretching out in style. A divine feminine box with Diamond Lady Handmade Candle decorated with real gold flakes, Handmade Magnolia Earrings and to top it all the Global Bestseller- Good Vibes, Good Life book by Vex King. Now who would have thought of that? A Smudging Kit, Journaling and Detox Combo, Sensual Couple Romantic Box, Lavender infused Tea and candle for a mindful pause, they have a lot to offer.

“I also want to change the concept of Corporate Gifting and shift it from the run of the mill offerings at present to something that truly delivers personal and expressive touch,” quoted Aneta.

Family, friends, work place colleagues, business associates, acquaintance – you can choose to gift anyone with something significantly unique and special. Let THE GFT BOX become your way of showing how much you care.

Local in presence and global in vision…

Being a fledgling start up, it is only natural that the THE GFT BOX is still spreading its wings and learning to fly.  However, the enterprise and its offerings, both are getting noticed and receiving rave reviews from customers. There is also a growing interest in health and well-being products in the UAE. This has encouraged Aneta, to keep innovating, building a core team and nurturing her business on the path to evolving slowly but surely.

“My roots will always be local but I want my enterprise and all the goodness it offers to reach my customers across the globe.” says Aneta.

Being a startup womanpreneur herself, Aneta’s way of giving back to the local talent pool is by wholeheartedly supporting local producers, local artists and sourcing local products. Sustainability is also an important facet of the plan.

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