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Vaniya by Ranjeet: A Sustainable Sartorial Story of Bespoke and Heirloom-Quality Fashion

“Find what makes you feel comfortable. The confidence you wear your clothes in is what’s really going to shine.”- Hayley Hasselhoff

Reviving Tailored Fashion for the Ecologically Conscious

Fashionistas who are equally ecological conscious carry an immense understanding of a piece of clothing’s worth, with value placed on its longevity or quality. Cue a new generation, largely birthed by social media, many fashion brands are attempting to bring bespoke clothing back to the mainstream. The made-to-order segment is perhaps the most responsible way of producing garments. It eschews from unwanted stock, and therefore a need to sell garments off for low and unfair prices. With made-to-order the customer understands the uniqueness of getting something special. 

Today’s consumer not only desires personalisation but also values experiences and purchase clothing which is one of a kind and holds a story above all. Pulling such uniqueness, exclusiveness and sustainable dressing sense for that perpetual, classic & everlasting look is a brand worth mentioning. “Vaniya by Ranjeet,” a designer brand fashioned exclusively for the women of the modern era is UAE homegrown brand offering comfortable lightwear clothing with expertise in creating heirlooms that can be passed down through generations.

Launched in 2022 by Ranjeet Kaur, the brand puts forward minimal, timeless, and unique designs with the finest quality fabrics. Their collection is bound to turn heads around and makes a great choice for a fashion-forward individual. The durability and product standards and made-to-measure segment underline the brands’ core strength. Instead of chasing fast & unethical fashion, the brand promotes slow fashion, quality and the love for one well-made piece that can become an heirloom. The items are mainly crafted by local artisans in the UAE, using sustainable deadstock fabric sourced from within UAE.

The Story of Ranjeet, an Ex-Investment Banker Turned Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneur

Ranjeet, an MBA in Finance with 18 years of career as a financial investment banker in multinational banks, quit her job in 2020 when the world was hit by the pandemic. Having worked in multinationals, she gathered all the business acumen and gave an opportunity to local artisans of Dubai, by starting her brand at the age of 40 years with all frontend and backend processes being solely carried in UAE only.

Talking about the onset of her business, Ranjeet mentions “When it came to creating party or even casual daily outfits, there was too much of fabric used. Specifically all the flashy embellishments that adorned a pretty dress suddenly looked dishevelled if any flower or motif fell off. From a swanky fashion to a practical fashion where there is minimal wastage of resources and the garments could be reused on multiple occasions and carried with elegance and grace by generations ahead is what drove me to start my venture.”

The brand operates online through Facebook, Instagram, their own website and through the e-commerce website ‘Boksha’ which is an online marketplace for Middle East fashion. The company also has its products displayed frequently at The Ripe Market at various locations. One can also find them in other pop up events like TishTash Working women’s events, Fixietmarket & private exhibitions. The brand aims to revive old cultures of craftsmanship and recreate timeless designs. In the world of fast fashion, the brand wants to slow down and make responsible clothing that is timeless and last beyond seasons and trends.

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