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Hello&GoodBuy: Normalizing Pre-Loved Clothing and Fostering Sustainability in UAE.

With a strong sense of purpose and a genuine desire to effect positive change, anyone can contribute towards making the world a better place. So, when Nadia Al Shimmari from Denmark – a country that has a strong commitment to sustainability – came to Abu Dhabi, she sought to spread awareness and promote sustainable practices in Abu Dhabi, with the aim of fostering a culture of sustainability!

Hello&GoodBuy first pop-up shop. Hello&GoodBuy will be having pop-ups monthly in various locations in Abu Dhabi. 

Denmark is all about second hand stores. Every street has either a vintage store, a red cross store or a flea market and people just flock to them. Hello&GoodBuy is based on this very concept and it has built a reputation of being a genuine platform for a stylish collection of pre loved clothes.

There is a very interesting study which quotes that woman on an average wear a garment just
7 times before just casually discarding it. It is not even donated to charity but instead shockingly just thrown out and sadly ends up in landfills. Clothes ending up in a landfill pollute the air, water, and land. As they decompose in landfills and open-air dumps, they also release leachates and toxic greenhouse gases.

Hello&GoodBuy aims to curb this practice and make everyone more conscious of such acts that can really harm the environment. In fact, there is a winning proposition here to take advantage of. Operating online and also accessible through exciting pop ups, you can sell, buy pre loved clothes. What the team at Hello&GoodBuy does is that, they takes photos of the clothes, mends them if needed, cleans them and then resells them.

Which means happiness for the customer and care for the environment. Isn’t that a great bargain?

Let’s normalize wearing pre-loved clothes!

Acting as a catalyst to create a circular economy, Hello&GoodBuy has brought delight to many customers.

“Although there’s a little bit of a taboo around wearing preloved clothes, more and more people around the world, who are conscious of the growing need to think of the environment are now taking conscious buying decisions and wearing pre loved clothes. We need to remember that there is nothing wrong with that choice. In fact, we should feel proud and share the thought with our loved ones too. Let’s make this normal!” Shimmari says, the founder of Hello&GoodBuy.

Doing more for the environment than just pre-loved clothes

 Hello&GoodBuy bags are preloved. They have a program running for their Abu Dhabi clients, if you give them 10 clean brown bags, they will give you 10% off on your purchase. 

As a destination which emphasizes slow fashion and is constantly building a positive connect with customers, Hello&GoodBuy with almost zero capital investment has managed to do so much in just one year of their launch. The brand has managed to save more than 1500 clothes from going to landfills! Going a step further to create a visible impact, the brand is starting a donation program to support mangrove plantation in the UAE. There are also plans to start outreach programs with the noble objective of mobilizing funding girls to go to school all across the world. Good intentions all around is the vibe that the brand has now acquired.

Within the next 5 years they aim to set up physical shops around the UAE and also will also be branching out into renting special event fashion wear as well.

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