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Pioneering Abaya Fashion: Entrepreneur Houda Abdulrahman and the Global Success of thowby

Middle-Eastern women’s love for fashion and labels is legendary and with    modest fashion making inroads, many fashion designers now include abayas in their collections as a result of their growing popularity. Abayas are a sign of grace, elegance, and style in today’s world of fashion and colors.

With the changes in the fashion sector, there has been a significant increase in the cuts and hues of Abayas, carrying a mix of original concepts, colors, cutting-edge styles, and traditional themes.

thowby, an Emarati brand launched by Houda Abdurrahman in 2017 is a clothing brand that specializes in Abayas. Known for offering simple, classy, and elegant abayas in premium quality fabrics with impeccable stitching and designs, the brand offers complete attire to a lady giving a fashionable yet modest look. Offering abayas, under abaya dresses, shaylas, and occasion-based abayas in colorful fabrics of silk and linen, the brand provides the assorted collection, of one-of-a-kind designs that make a lady feel comfortable and stylish.

The Founder’s Journey

Houda shares the concept of her venture which is not merely a commercial business for her but a business community wherein stitching and designs and the entire work goes through a proper process in an atelier. Unlike the regular black abayas, the brand offers an eclectic mix of colorful abayas that connect well with the wearer.

Sharing her objective and purpose of introducing abayas, the founder mentions, “My main objective in creating thowby was to revive and reintroduce the essence of the traditional abaya in a way that would incorporate the current styles and trends of the fashion industry without abandoning the garment’s original intent to be a modest covering. Each of our show designs reflects my commitment to combining fashion and modesty to create abayas for every occasion. Although most of my designs are inspired by our Arabian Gulf heritage, I target to dress women all over the globe who choose to wear modest clothing regardless of their ethnicity, background, or religion.One needs to have just the right set of products especially while launching the first collection. Also, the right marketing is imperative as no matter how beautiful and functional a product is, it can make or break the brand’s image and positioning in the market if the product and marketing mix is not correct”.

Houda had entrepreneurial instincts at a young age and she did a few trials of opening a business in her 20s. She realized she needed more groundwork research, and experience in the fashion world and did not let that passion fade away. Believing in simplicity and elegance, perfection and quality, Houda who loves to adorn in abayas, took forward her expertise in marketing to start her venture. Quoting the right analogy, the founder shares, “Putting a business in place is like solving a puzzle piece-by-piece, the complete picture, however, comes out beautifully towards the end, same goes with the business”.

The brand caters not only to the UAE and Middle East markets through stores but also globally through online platforms. Having a wide pool of client base with repeated customers, the brand envisions being recognized worldwide and expanding through e-commerce site. With an average rating of 4.9 on Google with 200+ reviews, it is a sought-after brand where client testimonies & feedback on their high quality and fair pricing imparts the brand goodwill.

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