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Discover Ruby Ruffles – Redefining Kid’s Fashion with Handcrafted Elegance

In the dynamic world of startups, passion serves as the driving force behind transformative ideas and innovation. Join us on an inspiring journey as we explore a visionary venture redefining kid’s fashion with sustainable and comfortable solutions.

Inspired by her own experiences as a mother, Rebecca Kasem, the founder of RUBY RUFFLES, emerged with the idea of creating comfortable & sustainable fashion label catering exclusively to children. She wanted to offer reasonably priced, high-quality garments that didn’t compromise on uniqueness or style. As a mother of two girls, Rebecca found it challenging to find less expensive alternatives outside of the mainstream options. This difficulty fueled her drive to make fashionable and customised clothing accessible to all families, leading her to embark on her exciting journey with RUBY RUFFLES.

It all began when her mother and grandmother surprised her with a sewing machine for her 30th birthday. Eager to explore her newfound gift, Rebecca started experimenting and, with the guidance of her loving grandmother, stitched her very first dress within two weeks.

This was how RUBY RUFFLES evolved into a full-fledged, custom-made fashion wear for children.

The most unique feature of every single piece tailored by RUBY RUFFLES is that they are all hand stitched. A peek into the sales record reveals that there are maximum orders for custom-made children wear. “Clients can come to me with an idea, choose from the fabrics, and mix and match different cuts and styles to create what they can call a unique, one-off piece.” Shared Rebecca.

Cute rompers for babies created from soft 100% cotton with different neck designs, elasticated back, and leg openings, adjustable ties and convenient snap fasteners for easy nappy changes. Half-sleeve cotton shirts with cool checks and prints for boys. For girls, there are charming dresses in floral prints, elegant checks, & themed fun prints like mermaids, unicorns, cats, and more, all created with different neck styles and back ties. Catering to a mixed age group of children up to 7-8 years old, in every single garment the emphasis is on comfort.  

Another thoughtful facet of RUBY RUFFLES is its belief in creating wholesome and sustainable fashion. It’s not just about beautiful design, but also about a beautiful heart and mind that believes in creating handmade outfits that are affordable without compromising the planet’s well-being. In fact Rebecca says she encourages customers to pass down these outfits to siblings and future generations, to reduce waste and protect our environment.

A children’s fashion brand with ambitious plans to grow up

Over the years, having set up a steady manufacturing and marketing base in the UAE, the brand aims to steadily evolve and make its presence felt in regions around the UAE. Having served customers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, it is confident of tapping into a fresh customer base and investing in exploring potential markets even beyond these regions.

Says Rebecca,” Business growth for RUBY RUFFLES has been truly organic. It has always been just through positive word of mouth that was passed on from one friend to another, and then onto another, and then even to people who did not know me or my brand.”

These testimonials carried that ring of truth and quoted those key factors of comfort, design, and sustainability that made RUBY RUFFLES, a trusted one for children’s fashion.

Rebecca is now looking to leverage the power of social media and the internet to build up awareness for the brand. The user-friendly Ecommerce website is the first step in that direction. She is also seriously looking to invest in branding and advertising so that the brand gets enhanced traction and expands its circle of influence.

The long-term vision for the enterprise is to nurture the label in an entirely professional way and set up a physical flagship store, which will be the destination of choice for parents looking for children’s clothes.

With plans to expand into premium malls and exclusive stores, their journey towards success is just beginning.

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