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Creating Green Havens: Apoorva Dheepak’s Story of Bringing Nature Indoors with INSCAPE HOMEDECOR

Nowadays there are so many ways to transform a space at home or office, from being just empty, into a space filled with beauty and calm. But what really makes a space truly elegant and welcoming is perhaps the essence of life in it.

INSCAPE HOMEDECOR – an enterprise by a first-generation entrepreneur Apoorva Dheepak, has created just the thing needed to make your favorite corner, a work desk, a wall niche, or for that matter any space, come alive.

Apoorva creates and markets exquisite, miniature gardens. “A miniature garden is the perfect way to bring nature indoors and create an oasis of peace, delight, and creativity.” she says.

INSCAPE HOMEDECOR especially uses the symbolism and the intrinsic properties of specific plants. It uses jade that symbolizes prosperity, Lakshmi Kamal also called Sempervivum is said to attract wealth, Golden Pothos helps purify the air, Calathea represents new beginnings, and a whole lot more of such indoor plants that don’t just look good, but add real value to the space.

In fact, these can be such caring gifts for friends and family because they have been proven to support and enhance people around them, on an emotional, mental, and physical level.

Succulent wedding souvenirs, a Miniature fairy garden with multiple themes and plants, a Terrarium garden with an enclosed Buddha, a Buddha statue placed in a Zen garden, Succulents with a magic of backflow incense burners, Festive time themed gifts with appropriate statues surrounded with succulents and indoor plants, Different shaped desk top planters in interesting sizes and filled with succulents, Teacup planters – all this and more are just perfect for both large and small spaces and each has its own special signature and significance.

Having studied architecture in India, Apoorva moved to Abu Dhabi, UAE, post her marriage. But not finding good projects to work in the field, one day she saw an opportunity and obtained her freelancing license for UAE to try her hand at entrepreneurship. Her architectural expertise and love for nature intertwined in her mind. She envisioned a unique venture that combined her passion for design with the art of interior landscaping and miniature gardens.

“The idea fascinated me, as I realized the potential to create captivating, green havens within interior spaces, bringing nature’s beauty indoors.” Shares Apoorva.

Today home deliveries are done to all emirates in UAE through courier services and INSCAPE HOMEDECOR is poised for growth.

Creating a real-time, real-life experience with a physical store is the next landmark…

A garden is a living breathing thing and perhaps seeing the beauty of a miniature one online, may not be as magical as seeing it personally in a store. Realizing this, Apoorva is channelizing her efforts towards investing and creating a physical space where the miniature gardens she creates can be on display and sale.

“I want this space to be a soothing, welcoming space for my clients. I want them to come and immerse themselves in understanding and appreciating the intricacies of creating a miniature garden.” Says Apoorva.

The space is being planned to also facilitate clients to explore the various options available, the customization possible, experience the textures, and appreciate the overall aesthetics of the miniature gardens. Another key driver for creating this space is the immense potential it has of serving as a source of not just additional revenue, but for creating one on one interaction opportunities with potential clients.

The plan is to create it as a venue for hosting miniature gardening workshops, where clients can learn about the art and gain hands-on experience in creating their own miniature landscapes.

As her business continues to flourish, she remains committed to providing not only beautiful and meaningful creations but also an immersive experience for her clients. With plans for a physical store and the vision to host workshops, Apoorva aims to inspire others to appreciate the intricacies of miniature gardening and discover the tranquillity it brings.

The story of INSCAPE HOMEDECOR serves as a testament to the power of entrepreneurial spirit, creative innovation, and the timeless connection between humans and nature.

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